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I got my Iressa Pills Today


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Hi All

I got a phone call from my doctor today (will yesterday now) saying that I could go pick up my Iressa Pills anytime. The insurance co. popped for the cost. So I picked them up last night and will start taking them Monday Morning. That will give me a good weekend before I start, ya see....

Almost like a min-vacation.

I Thank You all so much for your offers and support on this, You have all been so kind and helpful.

Bless Each and Every one of You and Your Family's.

Grumpy One lung (in Michigan)

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Hi G,

Glad to hear that all worked out for you on the Iressa and praying that it is the cure all for you. You are in my prayers each day! You have a great week-end. Try and do something that is unique and will bring a smile to your face when you remember your special weekend....



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Glad you got your Iressa situation handled quickly. I had asked my oncologist about Iressa, it may be something I will take in the future. It sounds to me to be a maintenance drug almost. I haven't had any really bad side affects from my chemo (taxol & carboplatin) except for hair loss and tingly toes. Let us know how you tolerate the Iressa. Deb

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So Happy to hear the GREAT NEWS! If we don't wait for one thing, then they come up with something else! (insurance companies) :roll::roll:

Sure hope you have a GREAT weekend. Did you look up on the board here and check out all the info about IRESSA? Maybe get one step ahead. :wink:


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