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I miss Andrea....


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I have noticed that Andrea has not posted since Thursday and that she did not ask for a hall pass nor share her excitement on an impromptu trip. I am afraid that something has happened that has hurt her, causing her to draw back instead of posting her fears and disappointments - and I am sure that no one intended to do that.

I miss her tales, her spark and zest for "fixing" the world. I sure hope she comes back as I would hate to feel that our group shut someone out that is hurting and needs support.

I had an epiphany last night (look it up, it's a cool word) with the help of a friend and her shoe....something that should have been SO obvious, but was NOT obvious to me due to my very different upbringing (not at all "traditional" in any sense of the word). Our little family consists of SO MANY different people - VERY different people. Different regions of different countries, different customs, different backgrounds, different religions, different ideas and ideals, different social status, different income levels, different ethics....the list goes on and on. The thing we ALL have in common is that we have been touched by this disease - but that does NOT bridge all differences and tolerance is needed. Understanding and empathy are required to make it all "work".

My background is diverse, I have traveled a lot in my life, lived with people who were different than me (not just interacted online) and observed other cultures... I have always been a "part" of something but never belonged to one particular group - almost a modern "gypsy". Some people never leave the area they originated in, same church, same school, same friends...and they compare life to what THEY know and what THEY have seen. It's all about perspective - different perspectives paint a broader picture...

I seem to have gone on and on at a tangent from where I was trying to go - sorry. Bottom line of what I'm getting at is that we need to "play nice" and not pick at things in each other that just don't matter. There is a bigger battle out there, no need to be fighting in the ranks!

I hope Andrea decides to come back, she kept the place lively and posted with such energy...and I really miss her.


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HERE HERE BECKY! I just said the same thing today MYSELF! Where is Andrea???

ANDREA, COME OUT COME OUT WHERE EVER YOU ARE!!! WE MISS YOU!!!! Did I say something that may have offended you? If so, get over it! (kidding)! I've always wanted to say that! WE LOVE YOU SWEET ANDREA. COME BACK!! Are you busy being an Attorney? Or a New Wife? Or a Daughter? Or a GOOD FRIEND? What??? What could it BE????

WORD MEANING: (Epiphany) A sudden striking understanding of something. DO I WIN SOMETHING FOR LOOKING THIS UP???? :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Love, Hugs, and Support,

Connie B.

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I want to know how the friends shoe caused an epiphany??? I hope it wasn't upside the head??

I miss Andrea also. She may have had a different view point than some but we are all entitled to our own view point! I am sure I have said things that others don't agree with and I have replied to others who have said things I don't agree with. It really all comes down to the Golden Rule:

Do unto others as YOU would have them do unto you.

I hope she has just been to busy to pop in and will be back soon!

God Bless,


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Maybe Andrea is busy wrestling with another little mouse in her apartment!! (I hope not! Can't stand those little boogers!) Andrea, if you're busy, you are forgiven. If not, you must go straight to detention for not getting a hall pass! :lol: Seriously, you are missed when you are not here. I love your energy!!! (Can I borrow some???) Hope to see you soon!


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