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Fay A.

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April 28th, 2004, I do not have a medical appointment. I do not have to undergo any tests of any kind. The sun is shining, but the temp is well below Tuesdays temp of 101 degrees. Today I can do things I want to do, or do nothing at all. This is one of those rare days when absolutely no demands are being made of me. I can't remember the last time this happened. Wooo Hooo! Sounds like good news to me! :D

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Sounds great, Fay!


Sounds like you are doing a lot better than you were on Monday, glad to hear you've done that rubber-band snap-back into the Fay we all know and love....

Attitude, sister, attitude!



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Hey Fay,

It's a beautiful day in Michigan too, 82 degrees and a nice breeze so you're not too hot. No appointments here either, no kids at the moment even, it's nice to have these days isn't it? Now if we just had the boat in...

Glad you're enjoying your day, you deserve it after the week you've had!

Let's toast!


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Must be catchy.

I am on vaca, had to take it today or lose it.

Breakfast with a girlfriend, and been mulching etc on this beautiful day in PA.

Easy dinner, and SURVIVOR. I know I am a dunce cap, but I love Survivor. Boston Rob is a hottie.

Fay and everyone,

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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Ha Fay, ROFL!!!

I never looked at it that way. :P I now understand the reason men want bimbos. This is like a religious experience or something. Wow, the meaning of life....

I think I'll start a cult. Ten bucks to join my cult. :roll:

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I always said I didn't care if Paul Newman was short, because I was never going to dance with him.

Same with Boston Rob, I don't plan on having an intellectual conversation with him, actually my plans don't count - I don't think he has any plans for me.

But it is eye joy.


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Ha, I already made you one but if you want special beads send them on. I made you a green bottle but have a brown one also if you prefer the brown. I need a new supplier of antique bottles, I've about bought out my local antique shop. Let me know...

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I'm not sure how far you travel in Michigan, but Harrison has a HUGE flea market in the summer with old bottles, etc. Midland has an antique festival, not sure the date on it...

I second the Boston Rob "no one home" - heck, Amber the Bimbo has HIM on a leash, eh? (I still like Rupert, he really reminds me of a shorter Cookieman...but was better on the last show, my opinion.)

...and can I join your cult? I'll bring the TP... :wink:

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Ha, ha -

This thread has me laughing. I love Boston Rob, but can't disagree with a thing you guys have said about him.

Like Rupert a lot too.

Don't like Shiann much, but admired her willpower in gaining immunity last week. She wasn't about to move her arm. I'm fascinated on the reality shows at how some contestants can sometimes achieve that "mind over matter" state that my daughter describes as "in the zone". You can see it in them right away -- muscles relaxed, face serene, a look that says "I'm somewhere other than here and it doesn't matter what my body goes through -- I can take it."

Boy, if we could just call forth that state for healing purposes.

Gotta go, it's almost time for Survivor to come on here in California.


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