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Hi! I'm new!!


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My mom was just diangosed 6 weeks ago with NSCLC stage 3b. She is 60 and smoked since she wasa teenager. It has grown out of the chest wall. It is in the lymph nodes as well. She is on chemo/radiation right now. She is doing well- has not lost any weight, has almost quit smoking and has worked everyday! We are hoping for the best! I am much more concerned with her spiritual health beacuse our souls are eternal. I've been praying for both physical and spiritual healing- whatever is in God's will. This is site has been really helpful thank you!!


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Welcome kreed. Sounds like your Mom is getting good treatment for her cancer and sounds like she is a fighter. Both of those things will help her battle this beast. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. Someone here will have "been there done that" and be able to answer your question.

Sorry you have to be here but glad you found us.

God Bless,


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There is a procedure called an "En bloc resection". It is used when the chest wall is invaded. I think it involves removing part of the chest wall and then rebuilding the chest wall. This is to ensure a negative margin.

A negative margin means there are no cancer cells outside of the removed area.

Though I think it would have to be after chemo, since the N3 lymph nodes are involved

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Hi Kreed and WELCOME! You have come to the right place for support, caring, information and even laughter. We will all do everything we can to help you and your mom get through the battle. Take care of yourself during the process and post often to let us know how the both of you are doing.

God bless you,


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I love this site!! It has been so helpful! All of you are so warm and caring!! Thanks be to God when people come together to show love and compassion upon one another!

Update on mom- dome w/ chemo/rad. will get scanned 7/8/04 and meet w/ team of doc 7/13/04. She is so fatigued still! Getting shots to boost red blood cells due to anemia to build energy but it isn't really working. Stopped working for now due to fatigue, weight is still good, has to force self to eat, having problems sleeping too.

Keep praying!!

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