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Go pistons

David A

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Oh, I'm scared....

David, I live too close to Pinnconning to be afraid of a few cheeseheads! Can't see you getting in your vehicle and getting anywhere NEAR the "wilds" of the north country...but bring it on... 8)

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I don't know much about baseball and still wonder who the quarterback is....

...and just WHAT does the mascot look like, a very large specimen cup???

Lakers? That'd be a St. Bernard making a mess, not a "puddler" but a "laker"...

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Lakers? Pistons? What has the NBA came to when these are the teams that are left..

Just Kidding!!! I would like to see the Pistons win, however, dont see them having a chance.. The road to the championship most always has to go through the Lakers and I cant see the Pistons getting there. My fingers are crossed!!!


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I have hated Shaq since he was in high school here in San Antonio. I would rather see the Lakers lose than my beloved Spurs win. I hate them that much. Shaq is the only player I have ever cheered for an injury. Nothing life threatening, but something that, say, permanently removed his tongue.

Down with the Lakers. (Unfortunately, the only team with a shot at them were my beloved Spurs, so this one is a no-brainer. No way the Pistons can generate enough offense to stay in this one unless Chauncey Billups plays completely over his head.)


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Gee I hate to rub it in, but GO Pistons. Can Shaq dribble a ball?

For all the naysayers the pistons didn't get to the finals, by being a halfass team, what can I say when they are on their game, they are one of the best teams out there. Sorry Laker Fans, but a big box of klenexx for your selves becuase game 2 is tuesday.

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