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I just have to tell someone


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I still find myself lurking about this board even though I have joined. I don't know why. I try to keep my post short because I feel I may be bothering you all with my problem even though I know it it a common problem amoung us all. I guess I'm weird or something. Any how I have not told anyone (including my husband) about my latest issue. I went to my ob/gyn for my annual pap and mammogram (sp). I did not have this done last year because during the time I should have gotten these done I was getting the chemo. So that was the first time in many years I missed having these test done. I now have an appointment on the 14th to have and ultra sound on one of my breast. They say there is a slight change from the last mammogram and that it's has to be looked into. I'm a nervous wreck. I believe I have read on this board where someone has had both LC and breast cancer. I'm going to keep this info to myself until after it is done. But I felt the need to tell someone and I decided this would be the place. I'm praying that is does amount to nothing because I think I have enough to deal with having the LC. I will not tell my husband because I believe he gets more upset than I do. I don't want him stressing out until the 14th worrying about it. I do have a question....Shouldn't the PET or the CT scan have seen something if there

is another cancer? I will have to close now...my stomach is churning, my eyes are watery and I'm at work so I have to go compose myself.



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Personally, I feel you should tell your husband. If it turns out to be nothing, you can celebrate that together. If it turns out to be something and he finds out you had an inkling beforehand...well, that's a "trust" issue. Mentally switch places with him and decide what you would like - to know or not know - were you in his shoes...and be honest!

I've had a slam-o-gram after surgery and an ultrasound due to some sensitive lumpies and bumpies. Nothing...

I'm not sure if a PET works on breast tissue, it's a little more cluttered in there - more dense. CT scan? Not sure there, either. Breasts have all kindsa little things that are different than other areas of the body - milk ducts, etc.

Take some deep breaths and approach it again from a new angle. Fresh attack... it's NOTHING, but if it is "something", you're on your way to finding out what you are fighting and beating it.

All things are possible!


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I agree with Becky.

in spite of your best instincts to protect those you love.

Best you catch it, if it is anything, sooner.

Don'tl et your imagination run away with you, although I recognize it's easier to say than do.

But ... I have been there too, where you're your own worst enemy.

Breast tissue is odd, fibroids, lumps. bumps. glands.

Meanwhile, find some pleasant distraction....


Prayers, always


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I don't have a lot of time right now, but I'll get back to you later tonight. I've had both--what you need to remember is that 80% of breast lumps are benign, plus you don't even know whether it's a lump or anything yet. More later, I promise, meanwhile--consider talking to you family about this.....

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I don't have lung cancer but I'm familiar with breast cancer,

was operated in 1999, only got radiation, since I had 7 more

operations (less than 30 minutes each) in the same breast

and all was clear each time, just fat deposits.

So all that shows on a mammo, is better to be looked after now,

than later and I would tell my husband that I need another test,

why wait as Becky said, trust is involved and also support.

Good luck and have a good test.



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Guest bean_si (Not Active)

BJ, tell someone - besides this board. Sharing it may help with the worry and there's a high chance that is not cancer. I do believe it would have shown something on the PET scan.

I'm about to go through much of the same - with an "unusual result". I really don't want to talk about it but I sure understand your anxiety. I will say prayers and send out positive energy for you.


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BJ (and CAT)

Okay Girlies - listen up -

YES there are SOME people who have had both.

MOST breast masses are benign.

ACCEPT that you will be scrutinized closer than most for the rest of you life.

KNOW that this is a good thing.

TALK to your husband!

READ my history below.

HUDDLE close to the screen for my hugs!

Hugs and prayers,


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Ok, BJ, I'm back now--I had my golf league tonight and couldn't be late. I totally agree with the others who have posted, especially Sandy S. Face it, we are going to be watched a lot closer because of our 'history'.

That is a good thing--most all of those breast irregularities are benign, but, and this is a big but, if it is something that needs to be cared for, thank your lucky stars for early detection. I had very early stage breast cancer and had a lumpectomy, sentinal lymph node biopsy, and radiation. I take tamoxifen as a preventive medicine. There was no chemo for my breast cancer--no oncologist would give anyone with that early stage chemo. My survival rate from that is 98%. I'll take it.

Also, the surgery for a lump removal from breast tissue is nothing compared to lobectomy, although at the time I thought it was terrible. Please tell your family--they deserve to know. Also, you need someone to lean on till you get some answers.

Take care and keep us posted--if you want more 'conversation' about this, feel free to PM me. This is going to be alright, believe me.

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Another thing, and I feel like a real scatterbrain putting three posts up when one would have sufficed if I was thinking of all the things I wanted to say, but anyway, consider this a good thing that you are being watched closely.

It is only because I had a follow-up with my breast surgeon that I got my chest x-ray which led me to all this with my lung. Had I not been under an every 6 month directive from my breast surgeon, he would have never sent me for that x-ray, and I would not have had one because I felt fine. I would be sitting here getting sicker by the day, not knowing, when what actually happened was an early stage diagnosis and treatment.

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I know how frightening it is to hear you have to go back for an ultrasound... but... as others have said 80% of all breast lumps are benign. EVERY year when I go have my mammogram they call me up and say "Come in for an ultrasound" I have very cystic breasts (Okay, so now everyone knows this) and I always have to have a follow-up with the surgeon after the ultrasound so he can go over the results... This has been going on for 3 years now and every time it happens.... I FREAK OUT!!! I guess it is something you never get use to... I will pray for a good ultrasound for you and please let us know how you made out. Also, I agree... share with your husband - its important. Love, Sharon

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Hi BJ..

Sorry to hear about your latest struggle and I am hoping that the test results are negative for you.

I encourage you to share your concerns and feelings with your husband, but if you feel you can not, please find some close friend or other family member to be with you.

Remember that the breast tissue is different from lung tissue, and quite often CATS/PETS do not show irregularity. Also remember that the irregularity can be just fibrosis tissue.

Thinking of you and hoping for the best... please do not feel that you have to be alone in this.


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I both agree and disagree with the others. 1. I understand not wanting to worry your husband, and whether or not it is something, he will find out in due time. 2. Maybe if you DO share with your husband, he will be able to be there for you. Dont want to worry him if its nothing, dont want to leave him uninformed... tough choice... listen to yourself, you will know what is best for you to do.


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Thank you all for your responses.

I had the ultra sound done today. I was told the doctor should have the results tomorrow. I asked about the size and she said it was 1.6 cm.

And no....I decided not to tell my husband. I really did not want him to worry until I have some definite answers. Whatever the outcome, I will let him know then and I KNOW he will understand why I did not tell him from the beginning. He is always there for me and he also knows I will try to protect him from the downside of this lc.

I will post the outcome tomorrow. Thank you, thank you for listening to me and replying.


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Did you speak to your onc about this? He/she can pick up the phone and get you hooked up with the right doctor. I recommend seeing a breast surgeon anyway--take the ultrasound report and the mammogram. You will feel beter with an opinion from an actual breast surgeon. Unless they are SURE it is a cyst, and my breast surgeon said the ultrasound can tell that, DO NOT let them take a "wait and see" attitude. A breast biopsy is a walk in the park compared to lung surgery.

And remember the 80% rule.

And 1.5 cm is still small.


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Dear BJ

I just wanted to send some positive vibes and let you know I will say an extra prayer for you tonight.

As for your husband and you not telling him. I'm going to guess you know your marriage situation better then I do, and I'm sure you know what's best.

I strongly suggest you listen to Gail, being she has been there and done that! :roll::wink:

Good Luck.

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