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what happened to the chub club?


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Wasn't there at one point a diet leader and we would report in?

I finally decided to get serious about weight loss, I even exercised today :shock:

Some may say it is pretty pathetic that I have to go part time and work only 30-40 hours a week to do so, but hey, what can I say. At least I finally moved ;)

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Congrats Andrea! Every little bit counts! You will be surprised how good you are going to feel incorporating exercise into your day. I still have not managed a well balance diet, but work out now 5 days a week. After just 2 weeks, I felt a noticable difference in my energy and stress levels.

Good luck!


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Thanks Denise. I used to work out with a trainer and hated every second, but lvoed the trainer, lost weight and then gained it back :)

For those who exercise, what do you do? What type of exercise and for how long? Just curious :)

I was feeling really pathetic. If my mom walks on the treadmill 30 minutes a day and seh is the cancer patient, what the heck is my excuse!

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Figured I would put my two cents in here. I walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day. However, when I was on the cruise, we used the gym on the ship every day and I started a light weight program and enjoyed the exercise bike. Now that we are home, I actually miss the weights so we are in the process of setting up a little weight bench next to my treadmill in the basement!! :lol:

Andrea -- is your mom showing you up?????

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Heck ya she is showing me up! Here is what happened on our first oncology visit at diagnosis. He said to her :

"You are a mess. You trashed your body. And now you think I can successfully treat your cancer? Look at what you did to yourself, you have diabetes and you are overweight. We will be lucky if you don't die from treatment. IF I decide to treat you, and it is a risk for me if I do, I will ONLY treat you IF you take care of your body, get your diabetes under control and you exercise everyday. Otherwise I will no longer treat you".

His attitude was so like I don't want to treat you and then I said "well have have an appt with Dr ___ at ____ hospital". And he said "oh, he is good, but he is not as aggressive, he is more conservative and may be afraid to push her to the max treatment due to her physical condition. We need to be aggressive and risk killing her if we want any results".

And so that day he instilled such fear in her that ever since she excercised!!!! :D We later told him how much he scared us on that first visit and he said that was his intention and obviously it worked ;) Heehee.

A lot of people actually don't go to this dr b/c he scares him away, but then again he has a wait list that is months long to get in. AAHH the power a good oncologist has.

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I try to walk at least 2 miles every day.(don't always make it tho).Some of the country roads here are hilly so some days are easier than others.I also was doing crunches for my stomach but one day my urinary tract shut down and thats a long 2 week story,since then I'm scared to do the crunches.I think that whatever we manage to do is a plus.

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I walk after dinner - for sanity. Been doing 2 1/2 miles about 4 times a week and a dance class on Tuesdays....

I'll probably work up to four miles within the next couple of weeks as the stress continues to "build" (or NOT build - which is causing a lot of the stress!).

Every little bit helps...


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Ok Ok, geez I guess we will have a meeting of the Fat Cancer Survivors and Caregivers group. Now last meeting was poorly attended by the original members but some new ones showed up. Norme wanted to brag about all the weight she lost. Anyway, we will have everyone that wants to report in and then we'll give everyone the summer off. How's that sound? In the Fall we can amaze each other with our great weight loss.

Andrea, I love step aerobics. Can't always go but when I can that is what I enjoy doing. Once you get the hang of it, it is lots of fun. When I walk, I walk with weights so I get more of a work out.

Ok, so since our last meeting I have had no change in weight but I think I'm getting somewhat firmer (that's my story so shut up). Next?

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I would love to be involved in a chubb club! Let me know if you get it going again. My cancer recurred in two lymph nodes so at the moment I'm taking chemo (CPT-11 ? and cisplatin) and radiation. I just started but so far feel pretty good. I love to go to CURVES three days a week and walk my dog several times a day around the block. The nice thing about CURVES is you can work at your own level and it's FUN.

Good luck to you all. You're all in my prayers every night!


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Gaining and losing the same three pounds over and over again.

I walk at least 2 miles a day and usually try for three.

Also watching what I eat a lot closer than I used to. I think it's partly the tamoxifen and partly being 48 years old......my therapist said, get over it, buy new clothes.

But I'm still being stubborn about it. That's where I'm at. But, I do love to exercise and my surgeon really wants me to push the walking.

Went into surgery with 90% pulmonary function and he said if I exercised, I'd get it all back.

Afraid to quit, don't want to lose any ground.....plus, it's good for my mental attitude...

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Now I know weve had this conversation in our PM's, but I just wanted to tell you that every little bit does count. I do Tae Bo 3 days a week, (Used to do it 6 days and got burned out), walk and bike ride 4 days a week (that dosent even feel like a workout since I have a buddy) and I also do single exercises. I spend about 5 hours a week on exercise only, and have lost 10 pounds since Jan. I only have 10 to go, and I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but if I lose that final 10, I will be where I was before having the 3 kids. Its really working. Try doing a little bit here and there. Its working for me!!!


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  • 4 weeks later...

I'm signing up for the Chubb Club or Fat Cancer Survivors and Caregivers Club, or whatever it's called. I started yesterday. I know Ry said to report in at the end of summer, but I have to do this NOW.

I had a microwaved apple w/Splenda and cinnamon for breakfast. 1/2 chicken breast, spinach, fresh tomatoes and mandarin orange for lunch and was hungry an hour later, so I ate a slice of plain low-fat bread and that took the edge off.

Please send encouragement into the atmosphere. I lost 37 lbs 3 years ago on WW and gained it all back plus 10. :oops: I AM DETERMINED TO GET THIS DONE!!

I WILL be back in 4 weeks to report a weight loss (8/21/04)! :P

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Andrea, I try to get to the gym at least four times a week, but aim at five. I do three cardio and two sculpt (light weights, high reps) classes. It is important to do some weight work as well as cardio, as when you develop muscle, it helps to burn fat.

I agree with Ry, I LOVE my step class-terrible things happened to my a$$ when I changed up my workout program.

So, every week I do:

1.5 hour sculpt

1 hour step


1 hour sculpt

1 hour aerobics or 1 hour bounce (on mini trampoline, great if you have joint problems, especially knee problems like me. No stress on joints at all!)

Thats it. I love the gym because I get the workout done and over with, no interruptions. And when I leave to go home, I feel like its done and don't have to think about it until I go back.

Take care, Deb

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Chubb club here I come. When Steve started losing weight so rapidly, the doc said to bring anything/everything into the house that he might eat, and also start cooking with butter, cream etc. Yikes, put all that stuff in a house that hasn't eaten that way in 30 years and it really was a recipe for disaster. Yep, Steve put on a FEW pounds and I exploded. To make it worse, our two teenage sons eat EVERYTHING and don't gain a pound. I keep this up and I'll outweigh Steve. Eeeks!

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I just keep gaining and gaining. Crazy. Just want to eat. I can't wear a thing I own, hardly. BUt hate to buy cos then I'll lose and that might mean bad news, losing. It's so darn uncomfortable to wear clothes that don't fit. I am trying eating more healthy and see if I can lose a few pounds that I KNOW I intended to lose. That way I won't freak out.

I didn't mind when I was holding steady at being overweight, but this gaining has to stop. I thought maybe it was swelling. But once my swelling went down in legs and feet I only lost about 2 pounds.



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Oh boy! I'm glad to learn I am not alone with the weight problem. Had belonged to a gym but realized I was paying for alot of stuff I wasn't putting to use anymore. So, just joined CURVES - I like it and think it will be easy to stick with. It's close to home and the music is great (lots of oldies but goodies). Also walking for exercise.

I, too, have "thin" clothes just waiting to be worn again. I just bought 2 new blouses - I call them "my going to the doctor clothes". I just have to remember not to wear the same one on consecutive visits. :lol:


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Count me in, too.

When both our moms were dx'd this past year, Geoff lost about 20 lbs and gave it all to me!!! (Herniated disks in my lower back did not do wonders for my activity level, either.)

He managed to gain back some of his weight (he was skinny to begin with and looked emaciated)--but I have not shed my new "load".

So, I am also too fluffy for my both my mental and physical well-being. I have more important things to do than to waste energy on hating my hips and thighs!!! So they need to be taken care of--pronto.

Plus--there's the matter of completely avoiding wedding dress shopping because I hate the sight of myself in a mirror...

I have promised myself that I will start Pilates with someone my physical therapist recommended (safer for the injured back).

Andrea--my mother is putting me to shame, also. (Not that this is a difficult feat, at this juncture.) :(

Ry--Forget scales. I'll take fitting into clothes and being "firmer" any day!!! :)


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For your sanity, let me warn you....bridal gowns are two sizes smaller than what is on the tag. Common knowledge of those that are in "the business"...

One possible reason? The designer/manufacturers charge more for sizes 16 and above - so anyone wearing a 12 in jeans or more would have to pay more for a dress....sometimes hundreds more...

Chub club...uh, yeah...been picking up "lost pounds" for a while now - to the tune of eight pounds per month! Hoping to get the thyroid under control and start dropping the darn pounds as fast (yeah, right). Maybe I'll be able to report in at the end of summer with substantial loss - maybe I'll just hide in a corner when the weigh-in occurs. :roll:

When this all began, I wanted to lose 20 pounds, that has now climbed to 50...

...and my rant for the day in my expanding size:

WHY is it that manufacturers think that people who are larger in chest/belly measurements have SMALL ARMS? I can't seem to find a shirt (besides cotton t-shirts) to fit my "Popeye" arms! PUH-LEEZE! Do these people not know anyone personally that is over a size 2??? ARGGGGHHHH!

I'm okay now...really...back to work....

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