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David A Update


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I just heard from David's wife and sister. He is in intensive care and is intubated. He will remain there until tomorrow. They will do another bronc. to check the placement of the stent and then begin to reduce the sedation and take the tube out. He will most likely be in the hospital until Wed or Thursday. They were unable to do any laser surgery. They said he was stable when they left and he should have a quiet night.

I've asked them both to call me with updates and told Mary Ann, David's wife to let him know everyone has been asking about him.


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Thank you, Ry. Like the others, I'm not sure what this means. Does intubation mean a breathing tube, i.e., ventilator, or a chest tube? Do you know why they couldn't do the laser surgery and what that will mean? Maybe you don't know and maybe I'm asking questions I shouldn't, but I've been praying extensively for Dave, so I'm very concerned.

I will continue to pray, and thank you, Ry, very much for posting the update.

God bless every one,


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David, (I know youll be checking all these posts when you get out of there)... hope all is well. Ive been off the board, and returned to find you in the hospital!!! What the heck? Hurry back, I miss your jokes....

Prayin for ya always...


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Ry, thanks for the update. I hate it they could not do laser surgery. But at least they have the stents in place and maybe that will mean that he can breathe better. He is in my prayers...keep us up to date.


PS> David.....I miss you fellow....come back asap...ok?

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Truly and very very sorry about this (Davaid A) news. Please see Obituary.

I am so sad to inform you that my precious brother David A died Monday August 9, 2004 at UM Hospital.

I'm so very very sorry to hear of the passing of your brother David. Please except my sincere condolence to You, David's Wife, Children, Mother, Family and Friends. Rich

http://www.lchelp.com/community/viewtop ... 0659#90659

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