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Hi friends,

Just thought I would give you an update. We went to IU Med Center (where Lance Armstrong was treated) and Bill was accepted into the TLK286 trial. We are excited to begin but frustrated that we must wait another 2 weeks to start. Evidentally there is a 3 week period betwen stopping Iressa and entering into this clinical trial. Since Bill just stopped it last week that means two more weeks of waiting. OH WELL WHAT CAN WE DO.....

For those of you who are interested - here is the link for the clinical trial:

http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/show/N ... 01?order=1

It is a combo chemo trial - TLK286 with taxotere. In trials done alone with TLK286, we were quoted a 50% success rate! The oncologist there feels strongly that when combined with Taxotere, the results may prove to be even more successful.

I'm feeling very encouraged once more and just had to share.

Blessings to you,


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That is incredible news, and so very promising. I will pray that your outcome on this will be unbelievably positive. You keep strong and positive Peg. Your an inspiration to me. ((((PEG))))



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Peg -

MIRACLES happen every day!! What great and promising news! I am sure the wait will be hard - but I will keep on praying that you will have those wonderful results!! Prayers are going up tonight on the wings of angels for Bill!!


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Guest DaveG


Good news. Too bad about the proverbial waiting game. IU is another Big Ten Medical Center. We may be competative in sports, but I know the big cancer centers communicate with each other, mostly on line.

Keep us posted.

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