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Just talked to DeanCarl 09/10/04


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I haven't been able to get DeanCarl off my mind this week, so I just called to check in with him (as he'd given me his number for TBone to call).

He's doing "as well as can be expected" but sounded quite strong on the phone. I talked to Gay first, and she said he's spending a good bit of the time sleeping, and is totally homebound now. DeanCarl reiterated that he's only up 7-8 hours a day. He laughed, saying he's tired in the mornings, and foggy (due to the meds) in the afternoon, and is reading the message board but just hasn't been able to post. He feels fortunate that he's not had too much trouble with pain. He's traditionally handled household chores, but is unable to do so now, so they're about to hire someone to come in and help.

I stressed that we all are thinking of him and are available - to either him or Gay - if they can think of anything we can do to help out. My intent in calling was to hopefully give a little lift to his spirits, but in typical DeanCarl fashion, he gave that lift to me. Even with what he's going through, he made a point of asking how our family is doing and talked about how it gets easier with time. So I'm headed into the weekend fortified, having just heard the voice of someone I admire so very much, and knowing that he's still enjoying the love of his wonderful wife as well as the view out of his window (although that entails moving from the bedroom into the living room, he says!)

May you all find comfort in knowing that DeanCarl is still winning the battle against the lung cancer monster.

Praying for us all,


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Thank you so very much for the Dean Carl update.... I think of him often as he is truly a wonderful person who has given my spirits a lift when I thought they "couldn't be lifted". Dean if you are reading this, please know that I pray for your continued comfort - and your are in my thoughts often.... God Bless... you are my hero. Love, Sharon

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Thanks for checking on Dean for all of us. I think of Dean so much. I remember the first day that I came to the boards. His words were so encouraging. Dean, I hate to hear that you aren't able to move around much these days, but you just keep right on enjoying all the beauty that surrounds you. Best wishes to you!!

And as Mary Ann said, I too believe that TeeTaa was a special blessing sent to us here. No, I KNOW that she is a blessing. She has helped me so many times and has become a very special friend to me. Thanks TeeTaa!!


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First of all - much, much love to DeanCarl and Gay from TBone's whole clan. You are SO special to us, even the 'nonmessage boarders' in the clan know and love you!

Secondly- thanks to my sister, TeeTaa, who is even more beautiful than any of you can possibly know.

Love you lots, DeanCarl and Gay!

Love you to the moon (and back), Katha!


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