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I'm Back


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Got home from hosp late yesterday evening. Man was I glad to get home. I had more needles poked in me that I did for my complete surgery. I look like a dart board. I even have three in my stomach.

First of all, I went to a different hospital that did not have my records. Hosp was 10 miles from my house verses 56 miles round trip to my regular hosp. I went to ER expecting to have a bug of some sort, get a anti-biotic and follow up with my MD. Wrong. Temp 101.6...no pain...dizness and nausha and short of breath; doctor thought either pneumonia or heart problem of some sort. First step was blood culture. That was 6 of those little bottles that look like whisky bottles. Took 2 bottles from 3 different locations. Then chest x-ray. Doc came in and said that they were going to treat it as pneumonia cause x-ray showes some abnormal places. Not sure of pneumonia but going to treat that way and was to be admitted. Now since he used the words "Not Sure" then all I could think of was 3/2003 when I took my seat on this roller coaster. Told my wife to go home and post for me and not come back to hospitol till she did. She posted and she came back...lol.

Anyway here are the results after more blood, x-rays and a CT. Pneumonia ...middle and lower lobe right lung. Also had 3 ultra sounds...heart, stomach area and liver. Oh and yes once again, more blood. Can't have much left. :lol: .

Final results. Blood showed that I am Anemic. Don't know where the blood is going. The doctor ask again about blood in urine, stool or if I was coughing any up. He ask if I had any idea. Now you all know me. I told him I did have an idea. I told him I think the nurses took it all. :lol:

Serious tho, I too wonder why the blood counts are good and yet Anemic. He said it was normal for ladies blood to be low and iron to be - low for reasons we all know - but not for a man. He recomend a colonoscopy and a GD of stomach. Got to schedule that in a few days. This explains my fatigue and all.

Sorry this was long and I did not mean to ramble. A note on the Good Side for a lot of us here is that the Doctor, whom I have known for years and was my mom's doctor, told me that he had a neighbor that had a lung removed in 1955 and is still going strong. I wanted to share that. He also told me that they were scared of cancer showing up (they didn't mention that to me tho). Told him I was too and he said "Well it Didn't."

Ry, I am sending you a PM. I am still tired and you may not see much of me for a while. But I will be on so you aren't getting rid of me yet...lol. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.

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Bruce -

I am glad you are back and on the mend - even if you don't have any blood left :) . Hope they find the cause of the anemia and you get your energy back up to play with that beautiful little angel :) Take it easy and don't worry too much about the jokes - the guys have already lost this month :lol:

Much Love,


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Bruce, first of all, I just LOVE the photo of your granddaughter! she IS an angel!

I hope they find out what's causing that anemia, it's got to be something. My mom's colon cancer diagnoses started with severe anemia, but the docs didn't think it was that, they thought she had a bleeding ulcer. so get those unpleasant exams of your digestive system done. But I'm voting for the nurses just plain ole' draining your blood too much, vampires!

keep that sense of humor, it's your key to keeping the fight strong!

God Bless,


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1. You have been and remain in my prayers.

2. That little angle on the left is one of yours???!!! I thought she was a postcard photo -- she is so outrageously beautiful! That pose is so angelic and peaceful.

3. Tired or not-- we need updates - so please make sure someone posts regularly to let us know how you are doing and what is going on.... okay?

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So happy to see your post. I sure am sorry about those needles and losing enough blood to mess up your anemia tests. I hope the liver and steak do you a world of good. My doc put me on plain ole geritol capsules when my red count was low from chemo...fixed me right up.

We are stomping you guys in the joke department....they need you bad.


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