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Frank Lamb

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Dr.Joe, I just wanted to take a minute and give you a big THANK YOU.I am grateful for all your input & answering so many peoples questions.(it means soooo much to so many who have been refused that courtesy from their own drs.).I am also amazed that you are able to devote so much time to us when I'm sure you already have a very full day,again thank you.

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Dear Dr. Joe,

I also wanted to chime in and let you know how much we appreciate your taking the time to spend with us. My brother is a doctor and my Dad was...so I know that family time is precious. It is wonderful of you to take some of that time to spend with us. I also would like to see a picture of the little fellow.


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Boy am I glad you are here! You saw what a mess I made of staging! (But you have to admit that Bruce got his right and left mixed up! I thought only blondes like me had had to think real hard when being told to raise my right hand! )

If this makes no sense to you, you might visit our Just for Laughs Forum, especially when you are having "One of those days!" I would tell you about member fickle Frank and his continuing saga of bear love, but you kind of had to be there!

Thanks for taking time to visit and especially to respond.


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