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I am Back!!

Cindy RN

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I have had a busy 3 weeks!

SPRINGFIELD-I was there for 1 whole quiet peaceful week. I had classes during the day and fun every evening! Monday nite I was introduced to a white russian drink. I am not a drinker but I found something that just is so good that I know what I will order when I do go out!!

Tuesday I chilled in the room. Wed I think that was the day they had the shooting at the capital blding. My hotel was straight across the street from the armory at the capital so we had cops all over the hotel.

Thurs we all went to a fancy seafood house-The Chesapeake House-wow-I had lobster AND crab and went back to the motel with a belly ache! Fri was the last day and I drove home TO A MESS!!!!!!!

My house was a mess, I could not believe it!! My little pug had not had her face washed all week, pugs have so many wrinkles on their faces it is a daily chore, the goldfish-Jaws was still breathing at least.

Saturday my 18 yr old was picked up for shoplifting. As if things could not get worse I was coughing up blood. I have dealt with Samantha AGAIN! I also called the Dr on Mon. He had me come in and get a CXR then a CT the next day. Miracle! Blood stopped and CT was NEG!!!! At least some good news. I plan on being here for Christmas AGAIN!

Hubby is feeling better, he is on a new med for the liver and in a month will get the enzymes checked again. If they are still high then they will do a biopsy.

I start teaching the 18TH!!! It is so ironic, I probably held the record for most days skipped my SR yr in HS!!

My other daughter Vicky has ended a 5 yr relationship and is totally sick, she flew out to my sisters in Utah for a few weeks, change of scenary may do her good. He has called her several times to see when she is coming home, I think she tells him never!

These are the days of my life. Love it or hate I live it.

Missed you all, catch me up if you want with a pm.

Love ya! Cindy

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Good to have you back and it sounds like your trip was wonderful. I hate it that your homecoming wasn't what you had wanted...but so glad that the scans turned out good. I hope things get better quickly and that your daughter learned a lesson about the shoplifting. Kids do strange things sometimes.


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Glad you are home safe Cindy, and the trip sounds wonderful. Also glad your scans are clear!

Gotta say though, you sure do have a very FULL life :) ! Hope those daughters of yours weather their storms well, and that life becomes a bit slower around there.



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Glad you had a good week away, sorry the house was not spotless and waiting for you arrive....

IF you leave out the vodka, the white russian becomes just kahlua and cream, and is much easier on the stomach, and the head, and MUCH easier on the hangover. JMHO.

Kids.... argh! Mine are approaching the age of "independence".

I can't wait. :(

Good luck on your new job.


Prayers alwayas,


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Thanks so much!!

I have been busy CLEANING! I got out the shampooer and it broke! I still had the receipt from Wallyworld and took it back. After assembaling it(1 hr) I used it then the foot peddle to release the handle broke! Guess what????

Yep I took it back! Those girls said they would pay me to go to their houses! :shock:

Things are settling back to norm. As norm as possible around here. I had to testify at court today about some ex-tennants I have had in some apartments. Cool, just like Law and Order! My girls have to go in this afternoon and testify. It has to do with one of the tennants being present during a period of time that there was drug dealing going on there. YUK! These kids don't realize what this meth can do to them.

I am spending time getting ready to teach-starts the 18th.

God Bless, Cindy

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Isn't it nice to know you can pick up with your life where you left off?? :roll: Glad to hear hubby is doing much better. Hope the new meds work well for him. We have a very good friend who had a liver transplant done a little over a year ago and he is doing just fine. And then to top it all of, my grandson's sign language teacher also just had a liver transplant a week ago Tuesday, and she too is doing very well and went home yesterday. But, I hope your hubby will never have to look at that as a option. The miracles of medicine! Now, all we need is a cure for cancer and we're all good to go!!!

Welcome home!!! It's another Great Day to be Alive!

Want to borrow my carpet cleaner, it works!!!! :D:wink:



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