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Wedding Anniversary


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Hi everyone -

Just need to share my happiness today - Today, hubby and I are married 27 years! I'm kinda amazed - don't know where the time went! Going to celebrate at a Greek place tonight, right after I get my hair done. - (two things that, two years ago, I wouldn't be able to do because a. i had no appetite and b. i had NO HAIR to do!) So see, time changes everything. I'm a very lucky lady, got the right man AND a second chance. :) Love and keep smilin'


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Happy A Day!! Enjoy and congrats!!

What fun to have hair to do....eh? I look forward to that sometime in the future...but already accept that in this year's Christmas photo, I'm gonna look like "one of the guys"! :? I may have to tape a large red bow to my head so people can pick out which one is me...huh? :wink:

Have a lovely celebration and enjoy your meal AND looking good with the newly styled hair! :D In this day and age, 27 years together is well worth celebrating!

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