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Prayers for Bob, Please


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Today Jo called and said Bob is so sick he can't get the biopsy of his spine he needs. His PCP thinks maybe there is an infection, but I am concerned because for the last week he has been very lethargic, pain to his back returning, and his legs are weak.

Also the lab has lost all his recent films!!




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I am so sorry. Are you nearby? I can't count the times I've been told that my films have been misplaced...it's why I have copies made of everything and bring my own copies of scan films/digital discs of scans and their accompanying reports with me to all appointments.

I did want to ask if perhaps someone could go to the place where the studies were done and have them print out another set of films. (they can do that, guys.)

You all have my prayers, Nell. And Cat is correct. You are a very nice lady and a wonderful friend.

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Thanks for all the warm responses. Yes, Fay , we do live very near Bob and Jo, and I am sure going to suggest that we get copies made that he can take to his appt.s himself. Today he is still feeling very very rough but the good news is a visiting nurse is coming to the house and bringing both Bob and Jo a flu shot. He can't stand in line for hours to get it and his doc is out. What a blessing to have someone come to them with it.

Thanks again all of you.

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