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Hello follow warriors/caregivers - I would like to share my good news. I

just had a PET/CT with contrast test and it came back No Evidence of Disease

again. Whew. The few nodules they have been watching for the last 2 years

are unchanged, and my doctor and the radiologist still feel it is scar

tissue and/or benign nodules by appearance and the fact that they haven't

changed in two years. Of course, there are no guarantees it isn't anything,

but for now, they are considering me clean.

I have been put on a six-month CT Scan w/contrast schedule now, as opposed

to every 4 months. My onc said at this point (after 4 years) it would not

be a recurrence, but a new primary, if anything. So he said 6 months/4

months would not make a difference as my cancer is a slow-growing type and

if there was a new primary, it would still be caught early.

Well, I still can't totally breathe easy, but I know all things considered,

this is good news.

I am also posting this in General and in Good News.

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Wonderful news Alisa. Just a little precautionary note.... if you notice anything at all that seems not right with your health make sure that your doctors follow up on it until you are satisfied with the answers. My husband had his lung removed in 2001 and spent 1 year trying to get the doctor to pay attention to him. He was feeling tired, lacked appetite and was coughing. His doctor was treating him for depression and allergies...You will see his story below... I am not saying this to worry you , but because I want you to be around for a long long time.... Now you go celebrate the good news..... you deserve it... :wink:


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