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Thank you for your prayers.


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Ya know...it's a good thing NED doesn't care what we look like...cuz sometimes all the worrying we do until we KNOW he's there to spend some time with us...probably puts a lot of unnecessary wrinkles on our faces.....dontcha think? :wink:

Nina...I'm just THRILLED that you and NED will be cannoodling (sp?) for a while...and I hope it's a long, loooooong while.

Go ahead and burst and celebrate and have yourself a tiddly or two, over ice! This is great cause for a happy party!~


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that is such great news! I'll bet you sleep well tonight. Coming up on two years now, are you going to be put on a once a year schedule with your doc? That's the plan with me as along as things continue to go ok...

Just wondering.


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I appreciate all the kind words. You guys helped and you all know it...prayers! Thanks again for caring. If I do burst I will clean up my own mess now that I am healthy 8) We go tomorrow to the oncologist office "to find out the news"..I don't think he knows that I had them fax the report to me ahead of time. He still has to do blood work or I would cancel the appointment. :) I will just act surprised. :oops:


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