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dave had a good CT scan, so far as we know . . .

Remembering Dave

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Just got back from the oncologist to get the results of last week's head and chest CT scans. Said the bonkitis tumor is shrinking, no swelling or edema and that is good. It is visibly smaller - actually looks gone. But they hadn't gotten the results of the chest CT for some odd reason, but Dr. Schwarz listened to Dave's chest, questioned him on his recent activities, etc., and said the lungs had to be clear - otherwise he wouldn't have been able to go camping AND change a tire twice on the way home. In fact, he seemed rather impressed by all that activity. But he's going to call us today or tomorrow am as soon as he gets the chest results. Had his nurse working on it while we were there.

We had to wait 1.5 hours to see him which annoyed me a bit. Everyone in the waiting room before AND after we came in got taken back before us and there's only one other doc there. Everyone else looked old and very sick, so maybe they were trying to get the sick old people in before Dave.

Sooo, so far, looks like once again Dave is on the road to beating back the Big C!

Karen C.

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Karen & Dave,

What awesome news. The Lord answers our prayers. No more flat tires and happy camping. I love camping too. We were gone lst weekend too. Left Thursday and cam beck Monday. Colorado River, Borders California ans Arizona. Lot's of rest and reading...

God Bless, hugs and prayers,


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The oncologist's nurse called me with results of his chest ct scan - no change. which I guess means no evidence of cancer there. which is what we've been assuming.

I was hoping HE'D call, HE said he would, but that's OK, I guess I didn't need to talk to him unless there WAS a change - a change being ED.

I can't wait for this to be over, and today I am having feelings of dread about Dave's future, but I also think it is mis-directed emotions because Dave and I have made the decision to sell our neat little house on the river and move back "into town" so our lives can be simpler, cheaper and easier.

Karen C.

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This is the best news I've had today, too! I am so happy that the lung is clear.

I know that the decision to move was a difficult one for you folks to make. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you find the perfect home in town.

Much Affection,

Fay A.

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