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DavidC today, PART II


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Well, Karen just called again. David is having surgery tomorrow morning at 7:30am to remove the fluid from around his heart. (Or as the doctor said, so the fluid won't be "squishing his heart.")

They'll be putting a slit in the middle of his chest and inserting a tube to drain the fluid from the leather-like lining around the heart. (Hope I'm getting this right.)

David will be in intensive care for a day or two, then they'll keep him in the hospital so they can watch him until probably Sunday or Monday.

So much for taking the boat out of the river to winterize it this weekend...

Karen sounded okay (worried, of course, but okay). I asked if David is his usual calm, cool and collected self, and she said yes. (I didn't push it by asking if he's his usual "upbeat" self... but knowing him, he is.) As they said to each other: "New normal."

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Please say a special one for the surgery and the recovery to go exceedingly well.


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David and Karen,

I fired off a prayer myself. I had a pericardial window, which was a cakewlak. The only thing that bothered me were the tubes coming out of my upper abdomen. It just wasn't natural. My sister and I had quite a bit of fun with all the tubes coming out of the wall plugged into me, till one of the nurses rushed in to see what was going on! Ha! I blamed it on my sister, who was dumfounded. Keep us posted on David's progress.


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