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Well it's that time again. CT Scan is set for Monday, June 30th. I've been cancer free for 1 year and 9 months. I almost feel guilty asking for your good thoughts or prayers at a time when we've lost someone as special as Mike :cry: and I think about Jay and how brave he is and how much he's gone through. And, Dave, his courage is such an inspiration to me. All of you. You're my other family. But, I still get nervous and afraid before each scan. I guess I won't ever feel completely safe again.

Anyway, I will let you all know the results on Thursday, July 3 after my appointment with my oncologist. Thank you in advance for your prayers and good wishes!


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I relate to your hesitancy about asking for prayers when others are in dire straits, but ALL of us deserve and need support through this journey...we're all waiting for the other shoe to drop(at least from time-to-time...usually around "scan time"). Looking forward to your posting in the Good News section and praying for you, of course.

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Don't feel bad about asking for something you feel you need. It reminds me of a Mr. Rogers song.

"Please don't think it's funny when you want an extra hug, there are lot's and lot's of people who sometimes feel like this......"

You have my prayers and positive thoughts.

((((((HUGS)))))) Shelly

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This is tough to deal with no matter where we are in the journey. You have my prayers for continued good health. And truly, there is nothing wrong with asking that others storm Heaven on your behalf. When I was in the hospital, friends of different faiths let me know that they had they're prayer groups working overtime. I had the Catholics, the Episcopals, the Church of God, the Buddhists, and a few other groups praying for me by name....I KNOW He was listening. :)

Fay A.

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