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Black magic??


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Okay, friends, I have a question or two:

Who has the freakin' VooDoo doll with the LCSC T-shirt? WHAT is going on with all the negative energy and bad news?

I'm reading posts by Lisa O, Elaine, Angie daughter of Bill, Don Wood, PM's in my inbox and I just don't understand. Where is the positive to balance it all out?

Please, help me find the doll and remove the pins, that is the only explanation I can think of...

....because here, at my house, we are dealing with a lot of stuff bordering on "could be good, could be bad" and it's beginning to lean to "Bad" on many fronts.

Do happy dances undo bad mojo? C'mon Betty, start dancing...

Love to all,


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Not sure I agree about the negative energy, Beck, but we've certainly had some bad news. As a matter of fact, I see positive energy in response to the bad news. I like that! That's a good thing.

In any case, I'm all for dancin', but it's got to be to music of the 60s, sumthin' like this:

Twist and Shout, Twist and Shout.

Come on, come on, come on, come on baby now

Come on baby,

Work it on out! Work it on out!

Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it baby now . . . .


Good night all!


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I am also wondering why the domino affect seems so horrible right now-- but I wish it would stop! I hope everything that is going on in your house goes in the right direction!

Thank you for all of your support Becky. I am here if you need me. P.M. me if you want to.

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The bad news all sucks...but the responses are mostly optomistic, which I take for a good sign. Becky, I sure hope things turn around toward the GOOD side. Angie, I hope you can put out those fires in a hurry. Lisa, I surely hope that the place on your mom's lung turns out to be an infection or something else treatable. There is too much cancer in this world already.

And whoever has that doll, better take all the pins out RIGHT NOW!

Thinking of you all.


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Not real sure if this kind of news would help, but Thanksgiving for my mom was just horrible for obvious reasons, but tonight we will lift her spirits when Aly calles her to tell her that her new nick name is now "Gap-girl" she lost one of her front teeth yesterday in school, and is absolutly thrilled about it and that the tooth fairy came last night and left her a "whole dollar" - her happiness makes my heart swell becuase she is happy and for once not thinking of how much she misses her Pa-Pa - its nice to have a happy diversion in between the two hardest holidays since my dad passed. I hope that makes someone else smile on the board and break up a bit of the voo-doo..


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The world according to Ginny:

I just saw Susan St. James on the Today show. Her son Teddy was killed and her husband and other son is still in the hospital. Was she dancing and singing, no - but she was not weeping in her beer. She was thankful for the years that she had with her son Teddy, and if she had known the outcome would have gladly done it again.

I hate bad news, I hate cancer, I hate ALS, I hate, I hate, I hate. But mostly I love and rejoice. My dear Earl died from this crappola disease. It was a long, sad journey. But I am eternally grateful to have had this wonderful man in my life for 26 years and to have had such a great guy love little old me.

Would I like to change my life right now. Oh, you had better believe it. I miss him like a large ache all the time. But I move forward in thanks. I am decorating the house, in and out, for Christmas. I am having a 'girls' only dinner party here. I am booked solid through the holidays, I turn donw no invitation.

I guess what I am trying to say, is that there is always bad news in life, here on this board and/or in other aspects of our lives. We need to do everything we can to make the bad news go away or to support and comfort those who are receiving the bad news.

Do not allow the bad news to change the mission of this wonderful site - to provide support and caring to those fighting lc and their families and to offer whatever insight and knowledge we have to help them keep fighting.

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See there, Becky -- didn't all those nice folks just answer your question? What is the old saying -- that if we all had to put our troubles out on the table and were offered a chance to swap ours for someone else's, we'd probably just take back our own.

After my 2nd round of chemo when this was still so very new to me, the scan results were terrific -- showing a drastic reduction in tumor size. The first call I made was to my mother, to tell her some good news for a change. Since then, she's had her 91st birthday, and has followed me through all this. Last Monday, I had the extreme pleasure of calling her again just after I walked out of the Oncologist's office to tell her the cancer is GONE, and what the future treatment/keeping it gone measures will be.

Nothing could have made me happier, because we had spent the last few years worrying about her, and she's in fine shape. Now, she's had to worry about my sister (heart disease) and me, and we don't want that to get her down. I was as thrilled to get to tell her that as she was to hear it.

So there is your GOOD stuff. All the bad has something good in it if we dig deeply enough, I think.

And heck, if nothing else, the people who post here and share their lives every day are terrific.


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well, first of all, Becky, our news looked like bad news but turned out to be good news. Lucie does not have a brain met but a bone met in the skull that the onc expects to fully respond to the radiation she will begin next week. And the chemo she has been taking cleared out the mets she had previously. I think that is all good news. Don

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I sincerely hope the dark cloud hanging over your house gets blown away -- literally -- and QUICK.

Chin up, kiddo -- it WILL improve.

(I think getting out of the parents' house will help, won't it??)

No shame in antidepressants, they're not JUST for emergencies.

I still take prozac, and am grateful I have had the first one I tried work so well. Also take something daily for anxiety. It all helps.

I'd rather be proactive than reactive.

You've had some serious adjustments to make, esp with work, and I know that chafes at you.

But look at all the GOOD news around.

It's there, it just doesn't always shout~!

God bless and keep you, Becky.


Prayers, always,


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I'm thinking I missed the seriousness of your post about how bad things are for you right now. :roll::roll: Looks like I zeroed in on the "black magic, happy dancin', and voo doo doll" words. :roll:

I would never intentionally make light of a bad situation, so I hope no one got the wrong idea. (But, I do thank Nina for demanding that the pins be taken out! :))

I replied on another post in the past few days that I just don't know why bad things come in bunches, but they do. All the efforts to try to look on the bright side are difficult if not impossible when it's all falling apart. I know. I really have been there.

I remember a long time ago when we didn't have enough money to pay our bills or to even buy oil to heat our house. Any comments that "money isn't everything" fell on deaf ears. No, money ISN'T everything, but it's one of the closest things to being in hell that I ever recall going through in my life. No roses, children smiling, scripture quotes or anything could take away my fear at that time.

I don't know all your bad things, but for you to even mention it, I'm sure it's like my dad would have said: "Bad Bad!"

All my hugs and prayers to you! I think you know that I love you with all my heart, and I will be praying for you and your family to have a very Merry Christmas and for better days ahead.



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