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A poem by me


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(And I am not a poet yet I want to share this with you. I wrote it for our medical team, who have been and still are just wonderful to us.)


If a year of life

was up for bid on Ebay

What would you pay?

If others would help

If others would cover you

What would you pay?

For birthdays, an aniversary

walks in the blowing leaves

talks in the night


sweet sweet warm breezes

What would you pay?

Time to say the things unsaid

What would you pay?

Would you pay discomfort

and fevers and flushes

radiation and chemo

hard work, good work

money and time and work

Would it be worth it?

Our doctors and nurses

and Carla and Carrie

and all the others unseen

giving their work, their lives

their tears at times

and heavy hearts

day after day

year after year

Would it be worth it

to give that year to us?

We have paid

And you have paid

and it was worth it.

It was wonderful.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Margaret Wilson

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This is beautiful. Have you given it to your medical team yet? I would love to see their faces when they read it. It's so true, we are so fortunate to have them because their actions give us so much more time with our loved ones than we would have had without it, and yes, it's very much worth the price.



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Yes, I am sending it to the Onc office today. One of the nurses there is way more upset than I expected - I wanted to do something to comfort her and then I realized it is a good reminder to anyone in almost any situation. Every day is a good day.

Yes, please share it with anyone who might want it.

Love, Margaret


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What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing. I have found that writing is very therapeutic for the soul. I still write letters to Dennis and keep them in a journal. This was recommended to me by a Hospice counselor just after I lost Dennis. At the end of the first year, I opened the journal and read the letters for the past year. This really helped me realize just how far I had come on a journey towards healing. It also helped me to open up some of the feelings I had at the time of his death. There were things I couldn't open up and deal with then that I am able to think about and talk about now.

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