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My New Weapons....

Fay A.

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I have a new Nebulizer, and the following to go in it: Xerenex, Ipratropium Bromide, and Pulmicort Respules. Anyone have experience with these inhaled medications? I've used a Nebulizer in the past, but the drugs were different.

I have to admit that playing the Recorder while using a Nebulizer will be difficult. Thank goodness I have the Bodhran. I hate just sitting around. :wink:

Oh....the neighbor boy across the street is a drummer. And the neighbor boy up the street is a drummer. Lately, when I'm practicing, I'll hear the sounds of drums from across the street and up the street...and they're answering my drum. This is SO Great...and I can't wait until they figure out the other drummer is a 50 year old woman!!!

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Hey, Fay!

I also have a bodrhan, it lives on my wall.

The Xerenex ( ? xopenex?) I had was an alternative to albuterol, with less hand tremors. The pulmicort is the inhaled steroids for long term control of the bronchiolitis/constriction, as albuterol is the short term control. The middle medicine I have no idea, unless it is to help you break up mucous and cough.

Good luck with the nebulizers, they always made me feel a bit better breathing....


Prayers, always...


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Good luck with the new music and meds!!! Has a great ring to it!!! Now, ladies and gentlemen....for your listening pleasure....an evening with Fay's Music and Meds!!! Almost sounds soothing...lol!!!

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I don't know nothing from stuffin' no new meds in no nebulizers, Miss Fay....but it seems to me if the drummers up the road can keep up with you, then honey, the drugs must be workin'!! 8)

You're a piece of work, Fay. Dang, I wish I could come to your rescheduled tea party....and I hope you don't mind, but I'm in the process of stealing the idea of it all. Have even picked out and BOASTED to the girls already, about the rhinestone danglie earrings I'm gonna wear to make 'em all envious! :wink:

They, of course, all want YOU at our party!! :) The originator of such a fun idea. This is my cyberteam of 14 and I told them about your get-together...and they all thought it was SUCH a great idea. An adult, dress up tea party. So we are going to try to have one...but the problem is....we live everywhere from Nevada to Seattle to Ontario to Connecticut!! We might miss a couple...but we'll try to work it out.

Anyway, glad you have some new weapons and hope you're feeling better each day, and playing without too much difficulty. Let us know when you and the drummer boys start collecting groupies. The age span is gonna be the same as your tea party group....eh? :wink:

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Thanks for the info on the medications. As far as the Ladies' Night Tea Party is concerned, anyone is welcome to take the idea and run with it as fast as one can wearing heels....

Actually, our Snowflake came up with a great idea. She suggested that after dinner the group should play indoor minature golf, or go bowling, or some other 'formal' activity! Yep, minature golf in high heels and sparklies sounds like my kind of night!

As far as the drumming goes....I'm actually taking a college class for this. In late May we will be presenting a concert to the community. And when we do the Drum Circle I'm going to try to have someone record it. It's primitive, and very powerful. I'll think about having some pictures taken at the concert. I'll be the one dressed as a late 16th Century Female Pirate. :wink:

One of the neighborhood "drummer boys" is actually in his early 20s. He found out earlier today that it is me on the drum at my house, and he's offered to sort of 'tutor' me. What a neat kid! The offer to tutor was a very nice way of saying "Lady, you need help!"LOL

Maybe this summer I'll start my own "Garage Band". LOL

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Ipratropium Bromide: airway smooth muscle relaxant. This means it dilates the airways by loosening up the constricting grip of the muscles that surround them.

Xerenex does not show up in any of my searches. Sp?

Fay, everyone's said it already, but you are one of a kind. A real treasure.

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Fay, true musicians love and respect other true musicians. I have no doubt these guys will think you rock, no holds barred. these things I've learned from my wonderful husband, who for 13 years made his living as a musician.

I want to see the videotape of your concert. Nope, I want to come for it. I kept thinking before Dave's current recurrence that this spring he and FAith and I shoujld take a long weekend plane ride to California and try to meet you, visit Becky, catch up with Andrea, etc. and who knows, we may do it yet, Dave's chemo only lasts into May!

Keep us posted!


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