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If you donate, I will match you......


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Hi Everyone,

In honor of my breasts being ok for at least 6 months and in anticipation of my mom's full set of scans March 28, we are going to match all donations made to LCSC up to $500.

If you can spare $1, $5, or $10, please click on the "Make a donation" section--you can donate by check or credit card. It is so easy!!!

LCSC is like a baby, we are in the beginning stages. In order to grow, develop, and do more things, money is needed. And any donation is tax deductible. (Stupid IRS, my paychecks look HUGE, then I realized why--I am now an "independent contractor" so taxes are not taken out. Duh on my part. :roll: )

And if you cannot afford to donate right now, no worries whatsoever! I know that money can be tight, especially when dealing with medical expenses.

And yes, I will be asking for your checkbooks once again when the RECIPE BOOK eventually comes out :):)

Thanks everyone!

Hugs, Kisses, and Cancer cure wishes,


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Okay Andrea, you guilted me into it. Check is in cyber space, I do online banking.

I have more recipes coming. One really yummy asparagus casserole that people you don't like asparagus love.

Glad you have healthy breasts.

This is my edit to correct 2nd paragraph. One really yummy asparagus casserole that people WHO don't like asparagus love. I wouldn't give this to people I don't like, this is too good.

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hi guys,

well I am a little confused on the recipes ? what? anyhow, I will donate now, I am going to get my credit card, cha-ching, hehehe, anyhow I in process of moving back to the USA and starting my life over with new furniture and stuff, so I can't send a lot, but I will do what I can for now? okay?

Hugs to Andrea, (and her breasts) you are such an inspiration. :D


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Thank you all for your donations so far!!!!

Even if you hate me, think I am icky, if you can spare a dollar or two, please donate because LCSC is just such an awesome place. I cannot imagine my life without the new friends I have made :) And unfortunately as with everything in life, funding is needed. It is like why can't something in life be free :roll: Heehee.

And I will leave you with this, I saw my obgyn today and he said "I know you have your mamogram results, we are watching a nodule in your left breast, so do monthly exams. Now remember, I said monthly, NOT daily. Do you understand?" :oops: Even he knows I get crazy and would have felt daily..............I told this to my mom and she cracked up and said boy does he know me well :lol:

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Ok everybody. This is your chance to get into Andrea's pocket. For those of you that don't know, Andrea is a lawyer. Now, I know that some of you will want to donate just to see a lawyer "pay". Right? :wink: Go for it!

I'm sure Andrea is sitting at home just daring you to make her pay. Right, Andrea? :lol::lol:

Hey! I work for lawyers, and when asked where we want to eat for our Christmas party, we pick the most expensive place. That's just plain fun! :lol::lol:

Bouncing it up!

Love to all (and especially Andrea for her generosity)



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Peggy---since you brought it up, this was SO funny......I had IUI done on Fri and my mom came in with me----I have NO clue how me being a lawyer got brought up. BUT all of a sudden, my mom and I hear one of the girls say to the nurse "no way, she is not a lawyer. I had no idea she was a lawyer. Really?". THANKFULLY that was all she said b/c I really like them and would have hated to overhear mean stuff about myself. I wanted to be like "we can hear you" :):):)

Thanks to all for the donations!

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