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I'm on a SURVIVORS PANEL, and Mayors Cancer Awareness Event

Donna G

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Our Onocology Nurse Educator sent me this E-mail.


We are having our 4th annual Oncology Nursing Conference on May 2, 2005 at Southdale iin the international Room. The conference is open to all Oncology Nurses in the Fairview System and a full day event.

This year as I told you we are doing it on Lung Cancer. At the close of the day we have a survivors panel speak to the nurses to tell their story and help all of us as care providers understand how we impact patients and what we can do better.

I was hoping you would be a part of our panel. As a panel member you would be welcome to join us for the entire day. If this is something you are interested in, and if you are available this day, please let me know and we can talk more.

Also for the Mayor's day, our next meeting is March 30th, Wednesday at 2pm here at Fairview. The day of the event has been set for Thursday October 6th, from 4pm to 8pm at the Burnsville Center.

I hope those days work for you, let me know.


I WAS ABLE TO GET THAT DAY OFF, MAY 2 to go. I will also be able to go to the planning meeting for this years Cancer Awareness Event . This year it will be in our Mall and we will set up a table for lung cancer support. It will be in October but that may rev everyone up for November Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

I am so excited that these plans are coming together. Donna G

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Good for you, Donna. Am I correct in assuming that a number of site members, as well as experts, are from your area? It seems lots of people on this website know one another in person. That would be so neat. Anyhow, you represent us all!!!!!

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Yesterday I went to the Mayors Cancer Awareness planning meeting.

It will be in October at the Burnsville Mall , 4-8 in the evening.

They want 3 Panels to discuss Cancer Prevention, Living with Cancer, Cancer Recovery. They hope to have this in a vacant store.

We will have tables at the entrance for support group and they can give out literature.

We will have "vendors" they will pay for tables near the food court.

They are asking local businesses for cash, in return their name will be on flyers mailed out, in newspaper ads etc.

It will also be advertised at the Relay for Life.

I am to help by contacting support groups and getting them to participate.

Much to do! I know that Lung Cancer will not be the "main event" but if we make our table interesting , and helpful we will have a voice with a huge audience!

I sat beside the Mayor on my left. On my right was the president of the hospital that I work at and she said " Haven't I seen you before?" and I replied , I think so, I work at the hospital.

I found on the web there are support group around here for caregivers too. I will ask them to come.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Donna G

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