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Andrea how is your Mommy? (home update)


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Thanks everyone for the e-mails and PMs :)

Here is an update I just sent as a mass mailing to family/friends. I am "cheating" by cutting and pasting :)

Hi everyone,

Forgive me if I don't sound like myself, but I am mentally exhaused. Bottom line--anyerusm coiling was done, she is in ICU overnight. However there are some unexpected lung issues which need to be looked into so we are not sure if she will be coming home tomorrow as planned.

Details--What a day! We were not aware until today that there was only a 50% chance of getting the procedure done! They had a specialist drive up from San Diego to be there also who scrubbed in but could not touch her for liabiity reasons since he is not part of the hospital. His job was just to advise. This procedure is so new that Hoag Hospital has only done it twice!!! Other hospitals like UCLA do it a bit more, like 5 a year. Wow! Talk about scary. After 3 1/2 long hours they could NOT do the stent, but somehow, just when they were about to give up and tell her to fly to San Francisco to see a specialist for the major surgery, they managed to do the procedure with just coil. Phew!!!! Turns out it was in a tricky area of the brain.

Recovery was another 2 1/2 hours, slower than expected b/c of breathing issues. They also heard a rattling in her chest.What scares me is they heard wheezing before the procedure too. They did a chest xray in ICU, there is fluid on the lungs. They don't know why. She could have aspirated from the breathing tube, OR as you all know, she is a lung cancer patient...........So tomorrow morning they will do another chest xray at 4am and we will go from there.............I am getting up at 6am to get there before the dr sees her to get more answers.

Pray that the fluid is not the big "C" and goes away. My mom doesn't know any of this, she is barely lucid since the procedure was so long :)

Thanks for teh prayers!

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I aspirated during a short procedure last summer. Scary, took a long time to 'revive' me. Long story short, everything okey dokey within 2 days. No lingering affects. Hope that is the chest stuff with your Mother.

How wonderful that they got the coil inserted.

Hope you and your Mother are back strolling the mall soon.

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Hi Andrea,

You guys really went through some ordeal. I am so glad they were able to do the procedure after all.

I pray everything works out for her. And also with the lung area.

Thanks for the update, Keep us posted. We are all praying for her.


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Cheating again, another update i juts sent out :)

Hi everyone,

Just another quick update before I head back to Hoag. Boy is it hard to type

with a dog on your lap. My dad shewed me out to go to his house to walk the dog

so he can stay at the hospital later.

Ok, well anyerusm wise she is perfect, coils stayed in place per head xray this

morning. From a neurological standpoint, they could have discharged her this

morning as planned.

Unfortunately there is a lung issue. To quote one of the doctors, her chest

xray looked "terrible", and is worse today than yestreday. So another night in

ICU :( Her oxyten levels are low so she has not been allowed to get up yet.

They just dont know what happened. They are having trouble determining if this

issue arose after the surgery yest which was 6 hours of anasthesia with a tube

down her throat or if it was pre-existing. It is pretty frustrating that no one

can give us an answer. Of course our question--is it cancer related. No one

knows. And each doctor has a different opinion.

I hope to have better news tomorrow!

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Sending all sorts of vibes and mantras and b'ruchas your (and your Mom's) way. I hope she's out of ICU by now, but I know that if she's not, she's getting the best of care there. Just keep holding on to the aneurysm being a thing of the past. That'll keep you

going until they fix whatever this is.



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Andrea, I am sorry to hear this news, I was just checking to find an update on her and found all this. Always seems to be something doesnt it? Hopefully they will figure it out soon and get your mom back up and running. I can only imagine how scared you are. Hang in there. She is in good hands and im sure the docs will get it all figured out soon. Extra prayers for your mom and your family.

Take care and god bless


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