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Group Hug.. BAR is OPEN

cindi o'h

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hey Gang..

We have really been going through a broad range of emotions and experiences lately, it seems. Both as individuals and as a group.

Time to get together for some mingling and hugs!

First of all, we have quite a few newcommers who have started to post about their personal experiences with this disease. Welcome to you all, and join us please as we let our hair down a bit in here! Time to unwind!

Lots to celebrate...successful surgeries, birthdays, diagnosis and treatment anniversaries, Clean CTs, and daily courage.

The return of some of our quieter friends is another to tip our glasses to. Every word posted is important to the group. Welcome back!

And, sadly, we have have suffered some great losses in our group. To all of the families, I would like to propose a toast to your loved ones, in citing lives well-lived, lovers well-loved, and battles courageously fought. God bless them all.

It is 97F today in Minnesota, perfect for a gin tonic with a sqeeze of lime. Two for one this week-end.

Then, we should probably address sharing our inner-most workings with the world.. what color it is, what the texture is, how often, what it feels like, what it smells like, and is it offensive or not. I say, NOT offensive, it is just part of the deal! What do you all say? 8)

Order up! What'll it be?

Cindi o'h

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We will be there!!

We need those hugs..........really really need them.

Cindi, we love how you care about all of us.

Thank you for opening the pub.

Brian and I are still buddies w/ Bill W so will stick to some lemonade...........That sounds really good.lots of ice, please. It is hot in Rockford, too.

We will bring some fresh fruit.

Can't wait for the gathering.


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Oh Cindi,

You really know how to run that pub. Such a wonderful place to be.... sitting with everyone here at your little pub and sharing love, support , humor and hugs. Wouldn't it be wonderful if such a place existed where all of us ,who understand each other, could drop in just anytime , day or night and always find a lcsc friend to lean on. Of course, that is what Rick and Katie have provided for us here and what a wonderful job they have done. Now, if only I could meet them in the pub and hug them for real. Cindi , I will take a Bud light and I hope you have a wide comfy chairs there. My big butt doesn't do bar stools.. :lol: Somehow, I know your pub has all the comforts of home . Hugs to you and all of our family here. Prayers for all. Hope to see everyone at Cindi's Pub.



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Don't know what to drink for sinus problems Tina but whatever you drink have enough of it and you won't care about anything!

Personally I'm going to have some Baileys and get a good nights sleep. Thanks for the hug,

good night


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Cindi, you are our dream girl. Such a sense of comraderie your pub provides us.

How you have decorated this pub at your new home - WOW, have you considered showing it to HGTV?

You are right, we need a place to salute good news and honor and respect bad news, thank you.

I will take a frosty cold Bacardi light rum and tonic with 2 slices of lime. (It is a great way to get your vitamin C.)

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Hi Cind,

You always seem to open your pub at the right time!!

I hope to celebrate with good news about my mom. But meanwhile, I need something strong, like a dry vodka martini with extra olives.

See ya there. Would not miss this for anything.

Would also like to toast all the new people here and all the good news, also in memory of our dear departed friends.

Set em up Cind, Here's looking at ya kid, :wink:


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My liver tumors be d*mned....I'm having a Transfusion with vanilla vodka. :wink: Just a drizzle of the vodka though....as it's more a symbolic thing. 8)

Good to see you back behind the bar, Cin....we've missed your leadership and the bar chatter you're so good at, dear girl! :D

Yes, it's been a time of mixed emotions again lately. The losses are always so tough...but the fact that we can all come here to hang together a bit and support one another, is always a help, I think.

To all of us...no matter our specific reasons for being here...we raise our glasses in salute to companionship, support and caring for one another as best we can.

Down with cancer....and UP WITH CYBERSUPPORT! Buy the house a round on me, and my onc who has recently been renamed....Chemo Sabe. :lol: I guess that makes me Tonto.....eh? :D

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Well, I just gotta say, you kids are the best..

I have been especially grieved over the loss of David C. I was really quite fond of him, his family, and especially his humor. I am so sad that he leaves behind Faith without her big daddy to see her through her growing years. I will miss his humor and his sensitivity. I will miss his fighting spirit. He was a true scrapper against lung cancer. I raise a glass of his favorite brew, Samuel Adams, that he will be playing only crisp, clear, notes on his shiny new trumpet in the holy heavens.

Cheers, David! We miss you already.

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This is my first "formal" visit to the pub. The pub opened when I wasn't feeling much like socializing, but I really need a group hug today :)

I am not much of a drinker, but on average a couple times a year I go out and have way too many Cuba Libras. Pls add a cherry to each one!

So if you don't mind, I'll take a dozen of those, pls. Yes, a dozen. I feel like bingeing, thank-you.

I'll save the sex on the Beaches for another day.

love and fortitude


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Cindi, thanks for inviting us all in to such a warm place.

I don't even like beer, but since it's a cyber beer anyway, I'm having a bottle of Moose Drool in memory of the bottle David drank every night we were at Glacier National Park last summer to celebrate our parents' 50th anniversary and David's 40th birthday. He and Karen and I would sit on the front steps of our "duplex" cabin after Faith was asleep and look at the mountains and stars and talk or just sit quietly and enjoy.

David, if you're putting down your trumpet for a minute to join us in the cyberbar, you can have a swig of mine, or your Sam Adams... or both. Just know that we all love you and miss you and are proud of you.


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I am late, but sure there is still a glass

of water around and some hugs.

Was down the tube mentally, the worst time of my

life, but I am again getting wee bit better.

I think the leaving of Dave and also two of my

friends are also gone from breast cancer all in

one week. That threw me off.

But nothing that a few hugs won't cure.

Thank you Cindi.


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I'm late too. as I told a friend in PM, I am tired from watching my mother's beautiful, cancer free (I hope and trust) breathing today! in suki's honor, as we are both friends of Bill's (I'm coming out here, jimben and Brat!!!) I'll have her favorite - club soda, with a daash of Rose's lime juice.

thanks again, all of you. I posted the whole thing in good news, but THANK YOU for getting me through this surgery with my mom.



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