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cindi o'h

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I am going to Chicago right after my appointment with the surgeon on the 20th.

I have a long term friend flying in from the Big Island for a professional symposium for 5 days and we are going to meet up.

During the day, I will be at the pool in my teenie weenie bikini. :wink: By night, we will be eating Indian food at her request.

I missed the Hawaiian wedding of her daughter a month ago as I was too ill to travel. What a difference a month makes!

I am still short of breath, however, and I want to pack as much as I can into the time that I have with her. I have a wheelie walker that I use now to get around. Do you think they will allow my walker on the plane?

I am pretty darn excited about seeing her. I love having something to look forward to, especially since I missed the wedding. That was a real let-down for me.

Anyway. What do we need to plan to see in Chicago? What are the memory-makers there? We have from Weds. eve. to Sunday morning.


Cindi o'h

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Are you going to have a car?

I am sure you can take the walker on the plane. They usually let you get seated, then take it and store it till landing.

We are not cosmopolitan enough to appreciate Indian food, but would love to find a way to see you.


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Cindi, it sounds like you are about to have a wonderful getaway!!! I love Indian food and am totally envious of your teenie weenie bikini! I hope you have a wonderful time with a wonderful friend!!!

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What they probably will have you do is let you get on, get seated and then gate check it. On arrival you will be able to remain seated, they will get the walker for you and then you can get off. If you can get on/off w/o the walker they will have you take it to the plane doors, check it for you, and then you reverse when you get off, walk to the plane doors and wait for it (same process as strollers).


Dad - 63 - dx 9/03 - Stage IIIB - adeno - right lung and now creeping maybe into left (small spot) mm in size - chemo / radiation Currently no treatment

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What a great trip. You'll love Chicago. What to see: 1. The Field Museum of Natural History 2. Art Institute 3. The Adler Planetarium and the aquarium (that's 2 places in the same area as the Field) Try the wienerschnitzel ala holstein with creamed spinach and the red cabbage as the side dishes (altho. the menu lists other sides, ask for the spinach and cabbage) and any of the great desserts at the Berghoff. It's relatively inexpensive and a Chicago landmark.

Have fun!

Muriel K

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The teeny weeny bikini would only fit on my big toe, so I would be arrested for indecent exposure and visual pollution.

Cindi, good for you, a vacation is just what the spirit needs. Enjoy, eat, drink and be merry. I will fill in at the pub while you are gone. Have fun.

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A woman I work with lived in the Windy City and gave me these tourists attractions:

Water Tower Place - lots of shops including Marshall Fields

Architectural River Cruise - for tickets 312-527-2002

90 minute river cruise w/guide who describes all.

Navy Pier

Field Museum

The Hancock Observatory

Sears Tower Skydeck

Buckingham Fountain

I am sure you can investigate these further on the internet, since I observe that you never sleep.


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Hi Cindi! My little girl is in Chicago at this very moment with her dad and family. She said they went to the big zoo (don't know what's called) and that today they were going to go to Six flags. She's having fun but I sure miss her!

You take care and have a blast!

Prayers for a safe trip!


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teeny weeny, huh? sounds like your next avatar. you'll notice my beach picture is neck-up :lol:

my favorite touristy thing in Chicago was a boat tour down the river given by the Art Institute. it's technically an architecture tour, but there's so much cool history and it was so beautiful being on the river!! it's actually one of the best tours I've done, anywhere.

if you get to Brat, give 'em a HUGE hug for me. have a great trip.



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What a trip!

Have you thought of ordering a wheelchair........I had to go to Texas during my tx and couldn't have gotten around the airport on my very shakey pins, we ordered a wheelchair and presto I was whisked from check-in to gate to baggage claim (he even found my luggage!) to curb. It was great.

We've been doing it for years when my m-i-l comes from England......even before she really HAD to have it as it made her trip so much easier. If you order one they'll likely check your walker and you'll get it with your bags.

Go, enjoy!


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I'm just praying for a good surgeons report to start what sounds like a wonderful time with a wonderful friend. I hope you have the time of your life. Is that a itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow, polka dot, bikini? That's how I have you pictured. :D Indian food, never had any, but anything that is edible is not safe with me. Sounds wonderful. In the meantime , you are in my prayers.

Love ,


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Haven't been to Chicago although have passed through O'Hare on occasion but that doesn't help much. However, I wish you a wonderful vacation and visit with your friend. Also when you wear the teeny weeny bikini, get a picture and use it as your avatar.

Have fun.

Gail p-m

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Also when you wear the teeny weeny bikini, get a picture and use it as your avatar.

I double dare you on this one!! :lol:

Teeny weeny bikini, eh? At my age, if I tried that...I could clear a beach in 3.2 seconds! :shock: Don't think I'll try it. :?

Have a great trip Cin. We'll take care of the Pub while you're gone...okay? It could be a little like letting the inmates take over the asylum, but what choice do you have...really?? :roll:

Other than my youngest son, I know of no "attractions" in Chicago to suggest you visit! :wink: Well...there is the lake, of course.

But you and your friend have a wonderful time and a wonderful visit. Maybe she'll bring some macadamia nuts for the bar....huh? :wink:

Enjoy and give us a holler when you return. We'll leave a light on for you.

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YOU GO GIRL.... and have a GREAT time. I am so excited for you. :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Yes, what a difference in a year in the life of our Cindi.

We will have to get someone to take over the bar while you are gone.

I can't see why they would not allow the walker on a plane. Iam sure if you call the airlines that will tell you.

My hubby has been to Chicago quite a few times from business and he really loved it there.

Is you little bikini.... yellow poka dot? :D

Take care girlfriend, :wink:


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Cindi my friend,

Have a truly fantastic trip. I am not going to make a single bikini joke/comment 'cause with a figure like mine .......

Never been to Chicago but I know lots about Indian food. Being English (as Messieur Chirac likes to point out) we have no national dish and therefore the old curry is the closest thing we have to do it!

Wish I was going with you


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