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About "trolls", possible trolls and....


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.....using up our precious energies on them!

Been doing some thinking about the recent two posts by a new member that got my ire a bit stirred up yesterday. I'm not convinced that this person isn't a troll...come here to stir us ALL up and enjoying the reaction. I guess if she disappears like that married couple did a month or two ago...we'll sort of have our answer, huh?

The pot stirring was fairly well done, I'll give the person that, despite a lot of spelling errors. Seeming to care about her uncle and all of us, making sure to make those appropriate noises...while simultaneously criticizing and judging all of us here for our dishonesty and the fact that we're "all" still smoking, as she was apparently forced to "assume".

Another member and I were PMing each other during all of the posting yesterday, and we both agreed that sometimes "a good emotional release" comes from something like this...when some (and I use this term kindly :roll: ) jerk stirs the pot!

Well, it sure worked for me. Talk about a spigot on my Decadron High???? :lol: But still...it is an unkind act to come in here and mess with OUR sincerity...isn't it?

And it still remains that IF this was an actual troll...that collectively, we need to watch out for them....because they really can sap energy...which sometimes is better used in our fight against cancer, huh?

If we think about it...there are only so many topics related to lung cancer, specifically, that would fire up the crowd here. Smoking or continuing to smoke after dx surely are chief among them.

As many of you know, I'm still getting chemo and I head back into brain radiation on Monday. Life goes on in many ways...but I don't have the time these days to visit as many of the forums here as I used to...so I miss some things, sometimes.

I'm picking my battles more carefully these days...but this one...the post I responded to yesterday with "problem" in the title (and in this forum, for those who missed it :wink: )was a doozie and it WAS a release for me to speak my mind.

For those who don't have the energy...it's fine. Decadron or not...I guess I'd rather counter a nasty attitude than dust, you know? :wink:

But my real point here, I suppose, is that sometimes with newcomers...when they come into our group with both barrels blasting about what WE are doing or not doing...and seem to have the intention of "fixing" us...I say we need to consider what Troll Bridge the person may just have crawled out from under, before we welcome them with open arms.

I think it takes a hideously sick mind to taunt and toy with people battling cancer. I wonder what goes on anymore in our culture that helps produce such sick minds.

This all is not to say that some newcomer cannot show up, be a bit mouthy at first and NOT be a troll.

But it IS to say that we all need to keep our radar up...because otherwise, we are a perfect, sincere target for some people out there who are a total waste of human components and without any compassion.

I care about my family here. That is the real purpose of this post...and I know y'all know that. And when I say that....I ain't just whistling "Dixie" :wink:

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Thanks Addie, well summed up.

I stewed about it and then couldn't resist posting but really felt bad afterwards that I had even talked about Jim's trials with someone that didn't matter. Wasted energies.

Then I stomped 2 houses down to my best friends house, in my pajamas and carrying my kleenex. She doesn't come to this site although she has lost a father and a brother to lung cancer. I logged on so she could see what I was steaming about. She had to read the "Addie-answers" out-loud and she interjected so many "Go Girl!"s that I finally got turned around and laughed.

We both decided that this was probably just a pot-stirrer, which is very very sad.

Thanks for addressing this Addie,


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You are so absolutely right! I always say to people - This IS the internet, anyone can be whoever they WANT to be.

IN the past, we have had people pretend they were cancer patients, etc etc. I agree with you Addie- I really have no idea what kind of morons would want to "play" with lung cancer survivors/caregivers, but it takes all kinds I suppose...

Anyway, I'm kind of glad something like this happens now and again, just to remind everyone (and me!) to not forget to err on the side of cautiousness. We can give anyone support but before giving out any personal info, etc.. we need to feel confident that they are 'real'.

Thanks for the reminder Addie..

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ever since the married weirdos, I've been taking everything with a grain of salt. I suspected another recent poster of troll-ness, too, then felt guilty, like I wasn't supporting someone who needed it. so I will defer to your judgment. that said, I learned a long time ago never to underestimate just how crazy people can be. :lol:

I do love your 'voice', Addie. thanks for puttng what I suspect is the truth out there.



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My favorite Debi saying is-- It's the freanking internet, there's no bouncer at the door. :lol: It's true, anyone can walk in and be whomever or whatever they want to be. We've had several trolls come on here and the sad thing is it makes you suspicious of others that may not deserve it.

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Dear Addie,

So well said- I must admit, I wasted a lot of time reading the initial post and all the responses- yours was wonderful and I thank you for taking the time to post it- All of the responses were wonderful and I appreciate you all taking the time to "fight back"- Some people will just never get it will they-

My prayers to you Miss Addie-

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Okay, seriously now. This is the ONLY place where I can be myself and not be judged. The only place where I can cry and know others are too and it doesn't matter. And the only place where, in spite of EVERYTHING that is wrong, I can laugh with 'friends'! Am I a lucky woman, or WHAT?

My love to all of you who make this a wonderful place to be!


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Oh Liz, can we talk?

How MUCH do you pay those men to ride on the back of your car dressed like that??! It's gotta be a lot...can you post a picture of an upturned troll? I'd like to know what these under-the-bridge dwelling creatures look like!



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