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Mouth Sore

Don Wood

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Lucie had the first part of her second chemo cycle this week -- Navelbine and Gemzar. She has since developed soreness in her throat and mouth. She did not have this when she took Navelbine alone, so it may be the Gemzar.

If anyone has info on either Gemzar or Navelbine as far as mouth and throat soreness, would appreciate the info, especially specific treatments to ease. Right now, I'm giving her the old-fashioned salt water gargle and, of course, the great stand-by, ice cream! Thanks. Don

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I had some mouth sores from Carbo and Taxol and can sympathize with Lucie. I had cisplatin and Gemzar the second time I had chemo (2/05 - 6/05)and didn't have any mouth sores. The cisplatin made me really sick, but my reaction to the Gemzar (every other time I received only Gemzar)was very mild. By the way, fudge sauce on the ice cream might be good for Lucie, too. How many more treatments?

Muriel K

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My oncologist prescribed this for me when I had difficulty eating post

chemo and radiation:

The pharmacist made it up for me.

Directions: swish and spit about 1 spoonful (fifteen mls) every 30 minutes as needed, esp before

eating. (You can swallow a teeny bit)

Mouth rinse:

25 cc of liquid Benadryl, 25 mg/cc stock solution

25 cc of Maalox

25 cc of lidocaine, viscous, 2% solution

25 cc of nystatin liquid.


There is also a premix similar to the above available in the Wash DC

area by prescription called Gel-claire, but the nurse had no firsthand

knowledge of it.

Hope this helps!



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Don, glad to hear that Lucie is feeling better. I am assuming the prescription you got may have been for the "Magic Mouthwash" that others have mentioned. Our oncologist prescribed this for Dennis and I can tell you that I know why they call this stuff magic. It really worked like a charm for him.

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I used the standard remedy of baking soda and salt mixed with water after every meal or snack (and in between) Also the onc nurse gave me some samples of UlcerEase mouth rinse that worked very well. I'm not sure if this is an RX or OTC though. Even Cepacol Throat Lozenges worked fairly well. I couldn't stand using the "Magic Mouthwash". It made my mouth and throat so numb I felt like I was choking to death and I would get panicky! Sometimes I'm such a wimp. And as others have mentioned, popsicles, ice cream and jello feel really good.

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Don....I was just organizing some of Bob's paperwork and stopped and reread notes from the mutritionist. She says vitamin E helps mouth sores. The only ones that Bob had were from acid reflux during radiation and his dentist gave him a perscription...Hope Lucy has found some relief. Diane

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