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Prayers for Bill, please


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If any of you have a few extra seconds and wouldn't mind saying an extra prayer for Bill today. He's not doing well at all this past week and we are at day 9 in the countdown to Tracy's wedding. He was supposed to get his second Alimta treatment on Tuesday, but he declined anymore treatment stating that he wants to feel good for the wedding and enjoy his time. It's probably a good thing he didn't get it, although I'm not sure they would have administered it anyway as he's been on Levaquin since last week when we discovered his enlarged supraclavical lymph nodes. The last time he was on Levaquin, his liver enzymes went crazy and he ended up in the hospital a few weeks later, but even knowing this the doctor still opted for the Levaquin stating that he's got an infection somewhere and they need to treat it. Anyway...whether it's the antibiotics, the Alimta still in his system or just the progression of the cancer, he's very sick right now. He's tried to eat a few times, but is unable. Last night he was just very weak, had hot/cold chills all evening and his blood pressure shot up to (average) 185/115 for about 2 hours. He's having bouts of shortness of breath and that is very scary for him too. Just Monday we went out to see a movie and he seemed to be feeling much better and now in a matter of two days he is just sinking. Please keep him in your prayers that he will be taking that walk down the aisle next Saturday, it means the world to us right now! Oh Nancy, I remember your prayer request for Mike just before the wedding, I know how you felt.

Thanks everyone,


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I hope the antibiotics do the trick for him and zap the infection. Keep pushing fluids so he doesn't get dehydrated-- it will help flush the chemo. See if you can get him to take something nutritious -- Ensure or Instant Breakfast, anything. I am so sorry he is feeling bad.

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Oh, God, Beth, Bill.

We are praying and praying and praying.

We understand and we are with you every single step of the way.

Dear God, Father of us all,

Please wrap your loving arms around Bill, Beth and their boys and Bill's daughters.

Please help them to weather this storm and to know that you are holding them near.

God, we pray that Bill can walk his daughter down the isle on her big day.

God, we pray, knowing that you know our hearts and that you are near.


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Beth, Prayers sent for Bill, to feel better and he will be so proud and beaming when he walks Tracey down the aisle on that very special day.

I remember how sick Nancy's Mike was and I was really concerned that he would not make it to the wedding. But there he was he walk Nicole down the aisle and had a dance with her. That was a miracle!!

I am looking foward to seeing a picture of Bill with Tracey on her wedding day.

I am going to include him in my candle prayers and pray for him to feel better and for strength.


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Dear Beth, I just saw this post. I will definitely pray many hard prayers for Bill. He can do it, just as Mike did. Miracles are only a pray away. I do remember that week so well. Have him get alot of rest this week. When he has an appetite have him eat; and try to push the ensure shakes with added milk, a piece of fruit and ice cream and put it in the blender. He has to save his energy for the big day. He can do it. I am praying for you both. God bless,Nancy C

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