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My First Time Post. Thanks to all for the info!


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Hi, everyone. This is my first post, although I've been "lurking" on the board for over a year. Here's why. In Aug. '04, a very good friend of mine was diagnosed with NSCLC stage 3b. In his 30's, non-smoker, HUGE shock to all! I knew next to nothing about LC, but he explained that he had adenocarcinoma and could not have surgery. I immediately thought, "Oh no! No Way! There must be some new information out there!" I immediately googled every term he told me and found this site. Thank God! Although I don't post because I want him to have a "clean slate" if and when he wants to use the board as support, I started doing as much research as I could about new, experimental, and promising treatments. This board is so unique, well run, supportive, and valuable! My friend was put on conventional carbo/taxol,(yucky side FX) and then Tarceva. Stable-ish with slight growth, but nothing to write home about. He recently switched Dr's and is now at Cedars Sinai in L.A. O.k. - long story - but it gets better!!! Through some of you great people, I learned of a few people on the board being approved by their insurance for Avastin. I let him know as he was just going to begin a new therapy with Gemzar and Alimta, that MAYBE, he could get his onc to get him approved for Avastin. He immediately contacted his onc, and he is the FIRST LC patient at Cedars to be approved for Avastin by his insurance!!! Even better, he went to Cedars for his final treatment of Alimta/Gemzar/Avastin on Tuesday of this week, and his onc said that he did not need to have the treatment -that he could take a much needed break because he had SHRINKAGE!!! and STABILITY!!!!! His onc was STOKED! My friend was doing backflips, as he has had s rough road. I wanted to post this info because I would never have known about Avastin if it weren't for this board, and I'm SO thankful to you all! I asked him if it was OK to post this info because maybe some of you other folks, maybe at Cedars, even, can push your onc to get Avastin aproved by your insurance. Thank you all again so much, and I will post new developments, or maybe my friend will even post himself. You guys are awesome! [/i]

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Hi Ace,

First of all, welcome, and I am thrilled that you came out of the shadows to share your friends good fortune.

Now wonder he was doing flip flops. :D This is just what he needed. You are a life saver to him, his guardian angel, as you did not give up and read, gained knowledge of something you knew nothing about and by doing this you found the right treatment for him.

Koodoos to his doctor who help provide the informaion to the insurance company who approved it. Congratulations on this being the first at that hospital to get approval. How exciting that you are the first to get this drup approved and this could help other patients get approval in the furture. The ripple "effect. You must feel real good. You should!!!

Your friend is off chemo. Those lousy side effects will be leaving and he will be feeling so much better. :)

I would toast you and your friend at Cindi's Bar, but Cindi is not here, as she is having her computer fixed. :( See even computers get sick, some viruses that, if left untreated, would kill all the information on its hard drive. So, they also have to find the right "treatment" to cure it.

Sorry got off track there, back to the bar..Frank who can open the bar in Cindi's absence, is on vacation. So this timing is not so good.

So when you and your friend go out for a drink, it could be champaigne, a chocolate milkshake, or Starbucks coffee, whatever, just make sure you lift your glasses and say "this toast is from your friends at LCSC".... and clink those glasses together.

Enjoy your good news. 8) You were so excitied, in your post, it wore off.


The best of luck to you both.

Would also love for him or you or both to join us.

Maryanne :wink:

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