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3rd line chemo for sclc? I get final results today


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Jen, I don't know what a third line chemo drug is either. I do hope you find answers to all your questions when you visit your doctor. I'm sure he will have an attack plan all ready for you! Hang in there gal! You keep fighting and we'll keep praying!

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Hi Jen,

Happy to see you posting today. I looked back at a similar question I asked of Oncodoc when he was with us and he mentioned the following chemos (I just cut and pasted and deleted the info that was specific to Jim):

CAV which is an older combination of Cytoxan, Adriamycin and Vincristine. It can sometimes work when other drugs fail.

Irinotecan would be a possibility but it is so similar to topotecan that I would not have much confidence in it (oncodoc's opinion).

Taxol - Jim had not had cisplatin so one could consider a combination of cisplatin with either taxol or taxotere.

Jen, I see from your profile that cisplatin gave you the ear problems. I don't know if Taxol can be administered alone or in combo with others?

Maybe you can at least ask your onco about these and see what his opinion is.

Take care,


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On my 3rd line my onc gave me the same as the 1st which was carboplatin and etoposide 16.He said that it worked well the 1st time so he thought it would work well as the 3rd line.My 2nd line waqs cpt 11 which is from the same family as topecan.I'm getting ready to start my 4th line which will be taxotere.Good Luck Mike

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Jen i guess my wife is on third line treatment CPT11 and Taxol along with Zometa monthly. All i can say is the last 2 checkup's have come back good but the diarreah is terrible and since going on this program we've been to the Emergency room twice for the cramp's and diarreah. This Given 2 monday's out of three and if she's lucky she may have 5 day's of feeling OK.....

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