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Second Step started


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Well today I started the CHEMO portion of the therapy. I am doing a low dose of Carbo/Taxol right now until all the radiation is done and then she (hemo/onc) wants a normal dose 1 week and then 3 weeks later another one. Right now I don't feel any side effects :D, but then this is the first one and it is low so it may not hit right away. Yesterday was a really banner day, the Surgeon said I was done with him, Not completely, but I get to do everything through the Onc's now. I can drive again and I don't have to be on oxygen all the time, only when I sleep. Seems my respirations fall to low when i sleep right now so I have to wait a little longer to get rid of the oxygen completely. And I can go back to work part time they said. Just have to haul around old faithful with me. I'll keep you all posted on what is happpening with my meds and stuff as time goes on. I appreciate all the good vibes, prayers and inspiration you all have sent my way, It truly helps when the biggest question on your mind seems to be "What Did I Do So Wrong in my life.". Now I know better from all you wonderful people.


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"What did I do so wrong in my life?" Well my friend, it's just the cards we are dealt. I did that blame thing for a long time, and it darn near did more damage to me then going through the cancer treatments did. :roll:

Hang in there, and maybe JUST MAYBE you won't have any major side effects. It happens!! 8) It did with me! So, I'll keep sending you POSITIVE VIBES and you KEEP THAT CHIN UP! It's 9/10s of this battle.

It's NO CAKE WALK but it's DOABLE. You can do this!

If I can do this, honest, anyone can! :roll::wink:

Keep us posted.

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Ralph, I am happy to hear that you are moving right along with your treatments. I hope that you continue to have no major side effects!!

This is an amazing group, and I am glad that you were able to work through your feelings of why me to realize that sometimes these things just happen!

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Hope your treatments continue to go well and you kick this bad dog right in the teeth.

You're right--you aren't being punished for wrong-doings. Neither is my mom, nor is anyone else here. I mean, have you ever met a better group of people? I can't imagine that we are all the bad guys. :lol:

Keep us posted!

:) , Kelly

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Just wanted to add my 2 cents here...I wanted you to know I had 8 weeks of the same chemo as you...Taxol/Carbo. Then 2 triple doses 3 weeks apart and the worst thing I felt was achy in my for a day or two. Nothing significant and I didn't allow it to stop anything I wanted to do.

I wanted you to know that so you didn't think you absolutely would be ill.

I will pray you get through this...


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Hi Ralph!

You are doing great, sounds to me!

Good attitude going on. Good onc. Good plan of action. Made your first wedding anniversary looks like (congratulations!).

I had pretty much the same tx as you have started. Carbo/taxol with radiation then a few cyles of bigger chemos after that.

I got pretty run down as time went on and had some side effects with it. (radiation burns and esophogeal burns, and a couple of blood transfusions due to low neutraphils and tacchycardia)

Anything that comes up that you think you might need help or reassurrence with, we are here for you!!!!

Glad you are able to go to work through this.

Cindi o'h

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