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Need your prayers!


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Where to begin--

The last year has been devastating in my family. It seems that as soon as we deal with one issue something else arises.

Three weeks ago, my FIL passed away.

Today, we find out the results from my dad's colonoscopy. (they found 15 polyps, one pre-cancerous lesion and we are waiting for the biopsy report)

My mom is going to need surgery for a goiter possible caused by her breast cancer medication (she was dx in January)

There are many other things that have happened but I won't go into details.

My husband asked if GOD was testing us. I said, "I don't know". But, we are always being tested by the devil. Keeping the faith and prayer will give us a stronger family bond.

I'm sorry about venting but I needed to get these things off of my chest and I knew you would listen.

Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you so much.

God Bless!!


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Seems like you have had your fair share.

Keep relying on God. This world is certainly not perfect, if it were it would be called Heaven. As long as we are here I believe the trials we go thru can strengthen our Faith in Him. The more we have to rely on Him the stronger we become.

My prayers are with you.


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Jamie, it seems that some families have more than their fair share of burdens and Your family definitley qualifies. I'm a firm believer that surviving tough ordeals in life really make you stronger. I know that I'm a much stronger, and in may ways better, person after losing Dennis. I guess I had always depended on someone else and suddenly I realized that it was just me and God. You deserve a big ole hug (((((((((((((((((((JAMIE))))))))))))))) and lots of prayers! I'm sending both!

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Don put it beautifully, but that's what I believe too - we're in gods hands, even when it feels like we're being dropped on our you-know-whats. you've had so much to work through, but you are a strong woman of faith, and you can do it!

that said, I'm so sorry you have so much on your plate. vent away, heaven knows I have.



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Here is something that helps me:

God does not use life's consequences to get back at us.

God uses life's consequences to GET US BACK.

NB: God does not send, allow or cause the life consequences that are ours by our human nature.

HE USES them to bring us back to HIM and to allow us to be an instrument for showing others His power and faithfulness.

May HE bless you, dear. Your struggles feel like so much more than just a few consequences, don't they? Rather they feel like piling on and unnecessary roughness, (it is football season)!!

We are here for you for support. Brian and I have your family firmly in prayer.

Call on all of us for reminders of how much we care and how we try to understand whenever you would like.

Lots of love and hugs.

Pat and Brian

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It amazes me that with so much...all of this going on in your life; you remain so positive and strong in your faith. I will happily keep you in my prayers, but want you to know how much your attitude and convictions to your belief inspire me...especially today when I needed it most.

Thank you!

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Good news!! No cancer has been found in any of the samples from my dad's biopsy. He will have to have a colon resection of about 12 inches but no cancer.

We are so relieved!!!

Thank you for your prayers!!!!!!!



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