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Getting to Know You - October 11


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I wanted to become a teacher and would line up all of those "plastic" charms that I got from the charm machine and they were my class-- can't remember if you put in a penny or nickel for those. My favorite one was a little yellow dog named Dory. Currently, I'm a Grade 3 teacher. If only my "kids" behaved as well as the "plastic" charms. But I do enjoy what I do. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. By the way, I have 2 dogs too!

gail p-m

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I always wanted to be a nurse. I just thought nurses were the neatest people. I had a great opportunity to go to nursing training, paid for my my aunt and uncle. My aunt was an RN and would have loved to see me follow in her footsteps. I was all enrolled in school at University of Tennessee. Back then, the class was taken on a field trip to a packing house in Knoxville as part of the "can you handle this" initiation. Well, I couldn't handle even hearing those poor cattle so I got a degree in business instead. Now, I really wish I was a nurse !!!

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As a child I wanted to be a model...never tall enough, thin enough, good lookin enough...

Then when I realized that wouldn't happen I wanted to be a newscaster, journalist. Hence my education being in Communications, Broadcast journalism...

Then became a stockbroker. And a waitress on a 000 boat.. and a stay @ home mom...

now my dream job is to be a grandmother...

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I don't think you are weird, Ry. As I also read Edgar Cayce and wanted to be a psychic healer, which I did not have the gift for. But I did go to meditation classes for a long time. Went to NY and got a Mantra (back in the early 70's). So now I meditate daily with my Mantra and pray for healing of my friends here and in my life also.

I also read all of Ruth Montgomerys books, which fasinated me as I was growing up.

Maryanne :wink:

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I wanted to be a professional pool player or a professional saxophonist. I ended up being a band director and loved every minute of it. I do play saxophone professionally but was always amateur at pool.



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