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Hi Kasey,

Fred is going to have a lot of prayers sent his way. I am so glad that you decided to let your family here know what is going on with Fred. At lease now we could send prayers and give you much needed support. It it time for us to give back what you give to us.

I said special prayers for Fred tonight during my meditation session.

Prayers also sent to your for your backpain to subside. You seem to be getting hit with too many whammies lately. Use our sholders to lean on.

Everything crossed for good results.


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Kase, darlin.....you have the best of what I have to offer....you know that!

Sorry I missed this yesterday....but am sending all good thoughts your way today...hoping you get news of stable, at worst.

Please do report in as soon as you know. Meanwhile, honey, we've got your pork chop....okay?

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Kasey I pray that those nodules are nothing. Remember I had a nodule to light up in my left lung just when I thought I was going for surgery for my right upper lobe. Well the nodule turned out to be scar tissue. I was so grateful, because if it had been positive it would have increased my stage and cancelled my surgery. I pray for the very best for you and Fred.


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Busted sister... you've been carrying this worry around all by yourselves! WhyIoughta!

You get after me for not asking support for when I need it, and then looky here who thinks she can do it alone!!!

Fred, DH, what'shisname, ....clean scans. I do like the theory that it is old man warts on the lungs... (is that possible?)

Oh BEHAVE... (Austin Powers)

love, Cindi o'h

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