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I am so pleased to have found this site. My 65 year old Dad was diagnosed with non-snall squamous cancer last week. He has his first appointment at a cancer center in St. Louis today to find out all the details.

I am an only child and live 9 hours away. I just came back from spending a week with him. He has suffered from fatigue for the past year and has lost 40lbs in the past 3 months.

Trying to stay positive and take it day by day but to be honest really have not wanted to get out of bed and face the world the past few days. Luckily my 8yr old gives me a reality check. Have already been so inspired from this board and hoping to have a better understanding of my role in this and of his treatment from the wisdom and stories shared here. Thanks, Shannon

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Welcome Shannon. What a beautiful Irish name! ( I am Irish from Boston) So sorry your Dad has to fight this horrible beast. The good news is it can be done. I hope he likes Boost or some such drink that will help get that weight back on. He needs the extra nutrition to help with the fight. Is he on line? Please keep us posted. Donna G

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Of the posts I've read so far so many people have said "Ignore the stats" and I'm so glad I read that. I kept hearing stats from the doctors and everyone else and they were starting to consume me and affect my prayers and hopes. I've let those go and hope I can convince my father and his wife to let go of them as well. You guys are such an inspiration, you just don't know what it means to me to hear your stories.

Dad is drinking Ensure, I think only one a day. He has Diabetes but the only thing that tastes good to him is sweets. Everything else just leaves a horrible taste in his mouth. One doc talked about prescribing meds that might help his put on some weight.

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Shannon -

We all understand the shock and panic of diagnosis (some as patients and some as caregivers.) The first weeks are by far the worst. The best advice I have gotten to this day (and it still sounds so obvious) is to take each day, each hour as it comes. You can't predict the future and you certainly can't control it -- and you may not have the strength to even think about it right now --- but you DO have the strength to deal with each day as it comes, and you will have the peace of mind and strength to deal with tomorrow when it comes.

Your Dad is very blessed to have you. As many ups and downs as I have gone through since my mom was diagnosed in August, I have not regretted one single day being very involved in everything she is going through.

Stay tough. Stay in touch. The people on this board are amazing.


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Hi shannon....so sorry to hear about your DAD....and oh yes ...you have come to the right place...I haven't been here very long myself but already have had such great support....and FOR SURE don't pay any attention to stat's...they are way out dated

Prayers for your Dad and your family....PamS

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Dad went to the doctor today and basically what I understood happened is concern that there is another mass above the large one they already knew about. No details such as stage, etc. He has lost 43 lbs since July and Doc is quite concerned about the weight loss and headaches he is having. Also concerned about his pain in his chest. He is scheduled for a CAT scan of the brain then will meet with a surgeon once the two docs can discuss the results.

Feel like I am speaking a foreign language so please bear with me if I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about, because i don't.

I am struggling with do I go up for the holiday by myself or do I take my husband and 8yr old. Don't want it to be too much, he could be scheduled for surgey between now and then, but also thought maybe husband could help around the house. I don't want Dad to use up his energy trying to be his normal cheerful self when he is suffering so.

Also, I guess I've introduced myself, now where do I go? Which discussion is most appropriate for my situation?

What a blessing this board is...thank you for being so kind and supportive.


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Sorry this is such a tough time, but I'm glad you found us.

You'll probably have more questions than anything in the next few weeks, but the folks here are just full of great answers and information. I feel like they have held my hand and guided my way over the last 9 months since mom's diagnosis.

As for where to post, I hop around a lot, depending on my mood or post. I post at "Caregivers" if I'm stressing over Mom in general, at "NSCLC" if I'm asking something medical, and "Test Results" when the obvious is going on. I've found that most of the folks read through many of the areas. "General" is a fun one to go to, to get to know everyone. It's a great catch-all.

Take care of yourself as well during this time. That was the hardest lesson for me to learn. Keep us posted. I'll keep your dad in my prayers.

:) Kelly

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Hi Shannon,

So sorry to hear the news about your dad. I know how scarey that must be. LC is not a death sentence, remember that. This disease can be beaten. Many people hear have beaten the odds and continue to do so today.

I don't know if your dad has started treatment or not, but he will feel much better once that happens.

If you go with him to see his doctor take a pen and pad with you and write down what the doctors tells him. This way you will not forget. Also if you have questions write them down and bring it with you.

Good luck to you dad. I pray for positive changes for him.


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Welcome. My advise, the best support is being there as nuch as you can. When you not there send encouragement. Gaining as much knowlege as you can would help him FIGHT through. Some of my family members are still in denial and won't even investiage to under stand what's going on, except for hubby and mom :)

Your in my prayers



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Welcome, I am glad you have found us. The beginning is the worst, believe me it will get better and it will get easier. I hope he gets a treatment plan soon--let us know what it is. Many of our members were given a poor prognosis and have proved the stats wrong. Hang in there.


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