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Update on my hubby


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Hello again everyone,tomorrow will be my hubbys last WBR tx. He has fared well with the WBR of course lost all his hair,and he is tired most of the day ,but he states he actually feels better .

No seizures since Thnaksgiving day.

Two weeks ago they did another CT scan of his chest and abdomen,the results showed active disease once again in his chest,and a small right side plural effusion,which they will monitor on a weekly basis.

They also discovered a blood clot in his superior vena cava which he was placed on coumdin for.

He started second line chemo last week,they used cisplatin,but this week since he is finished with WBR they will give him VP-16(etoposide) and cisplatin,for nine cycles.

They have decreased his steroids to 3X's a day now and will eventually wean him off those all together!!

He still remains positive that he can beat this cancer,he knows it's bad and his prognosis is not good but he continues to fight with a strong will to live!!!


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Glad to hear tommorrow is last WBR treatment. It sounds like he has a great attitude and is ready to keep fighting. I will be saying prayers that everything goes great and all the treatments are successful!

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I'm STARTING WBR tomorrow, so your post came at a perfect time to help me feel less afraid and more confident. Bet you weren't expecting to give anybody a gift with that post - but you did! :D

I'll be really interested to keep up on your updates. Glad your husband feels better than before - that's what it's all about!


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Hang in there!!! Glad the WBR is over and the seizures have stopped. I know you have so much to deal with and it seems so overwhelming. Keep the faith.



"Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power." Ephesians 6:10

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My hubby went to see the oncologist today as I have told you he is once again receiving chemo for the new activity in his chest.

He is currently receiving a single agent chemo cisplatin,the onco gave him a one week "holiday" from tx so he will resume after Christmas with the single agent and then the week after he will start with two agents etoposide and cisplatin.

They will do another MRI in a month when the radiation is completely out of his system,to see if the radiation zapped all those tumors in his brain.

All his labs were right on so that's a good thing,they did however lower his dose of coumdin because his protime was slightly elevated.

The onco also stated that my hubbys lungs sounds were remarkably clear and he will do another CXR when he goes back in two weeks to see if the plural effusion has lessened!!

So we trudge on, one day at a time!!

My hubby wants to drive but his onco says he must remain seizure free for at least two months,his last seizure was on Thanksgiving day,so hopefully he will get to drive once again!!

God Bless all who have responded to my post,the comforting words and the encourgament are a Godsend to me.



May 05-lg mass to right lung noted on CXR

June 05- bronscopy done,results revealed no cancer cells

June 05-Needle biopsy done comfirmed SCLC

June 05- Hospitalized for 10 days,chemo(cisplatin and etoposide) started as well as radiation to chest.Prognosis poor,not expected to make it out of hospital,also severe superior vena cava syndrome.

June 05-discharged from hospital,chemo and radiation continue.

August 05- Radiation and chemo complete,only side effect was radiation burn to esophogus.

August 05- lost a lot of weight due to radiation burn went from 165 to 118.Several small meals a day as well as shakes made with Ensure Plus

September05-CT scan shows tumor as scar tissue,weight up to 137

October 05-Dr states while not in remission we have good control of cancer weight up to 144

November 05-presenting with facial"tics" MRI of brain done,results showed 14 plus mets to brain,WBR started.Prescribed Dilantin and Decadron

November 05- PET scan shows active disease once again in chest as well as a plural effusion and blood clot in superior vena cava,started on coumdin.

December 05-WBR complete,single agent chemo started.Continue to monitor plural effusion

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