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Yet Another Getting to Know You - December 14


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Mine would have to be A Christmas Story. This was also Dennis's favorite movie. He grew up in New York City and could always relate to this movie, as the timeline would have been about when he was a kid. His mom used to always wrap him and his little brother up in those layers of clothes and then put the snowsuits on them. He said he used to feel like a snowball. Oh, he also had a classmate that put his tongue on an icy flagpole, just like the kid in the movie.

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"Christmas Vacation" with the Griswold family! STILL about bust a gut with the animal scenes - the cat that gets smoked when it bites into a string of lights and the squirrel jumping out of the (illegal) freshly cut tree...

...and the downhill saucers with the super grease on 'em...

Oh yeah, funny, funny, funny! Chevy Chase...the goof next door!

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It has to be Rudolph, I've been in the land of misfits for at least 8 years now.

Long story short... we had a community bulletin board that was run by a local internet provider until he sold his business and all his subscribers to a large conglomerate. Not knowing what to do with this somewhat injudicious group, the new company gave us our own cyberspace that did not link in anyway to their services. Thus, the land of the misfits.

Our board has since been acquired by one of our own, but we still consider ourselves the misfits and continue debating local and national happenings. Let me know, if you'd like the link!

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