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Charlie Good News; Some Other Sad News


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Things have been crazy and I haven't had time to update (or read for that matter). We had our church drama this weekend and the choir members were angels. We had 4 services. It was wonderful and so much fun!

Anyway, we did get Charlie's results on Friday morning. We were concerned because he started having back pain on Monday night. The back pain turned out to be 2 small bone fractures from the coughing he has been doing. The Innohep for thinning his blood is hard on the bones. No cancer though!

The scans showed that all the tumors had shrunk some more and there is nothing new.


Now the sad news--Charlie's Aunt Sarah lost her battle with Multiple Myeloma this morning. She deteriorated rapidly--seemed like the neurological damage that everyone has been talking about with WBR, but she didn't have any radiation. I really think it could have been side effects of the chemo. Very sad...she was such an active person until four months ago.

I really don't know how to finish this update. I just feel soooo exhausted. Merry Christmas!

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Tina...I know how difficult this bittersweet news can be. I am so very relieved to hear that Charlie is continuing to progress and the test results were good. I am also very sorry to hear about the loss of his aunt. I know you just want to kick up your heels about Charlie yet are heartbroken about your aunt. Just try and remember to celebrate life right now...the continuing of Charlie's life and the beginning of a new life in heaven for his aunt.

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Boy, what a strange bunch of mixed emotions you must be feeling. I am so happy to hear Charlie is doing so well. I wish that you could take that happy news and just celebrate and be joyous, but it seems it is tempered by the sadness of the loss of your aunt Sarah. My deepest sympathies on that loss.

I am sure that now Charlie has another ally in heaven, watching over him, supporting him and working on his cure.

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Thanks for all the wonderful and caring replies.

Fay: Unfortunately, Charlie has to stay on Innohep to keep from clotting. He clots right through Coumadin. The Innohep weakens your bones. He has been on Zometa every 3 weeks since the last compression fracture back in the summer.

The dr. originally wanted to switch him to another drug as soon as the FDA approved it. Turned out there were too many side effects with the new drug, too. It was not approved by the FDA and the application was withdrawn.

It's like being between a rock and a hard place as they say. If he has any more breaks, the dr. may try the Coumadin again...hopefully, that won't be necessary.

Hope you are improving, Fay.

Take care all.

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Hi Tina,

Great news about Charlie, I was wondering how he was doing and was going to post, but you beat me to it. So glad for the news.

Sorry for the news about his aunt. Please send my condolences to him.

Have a great Christmas, you should celebrate his good fortune.


Maryanne :wink:

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