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Consequences.... unlimited.

cindi o'h

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So many new ones...

I thought I had experienced the gamut of them.

Today a new one.

My professional license has been suspended. I was making application for renewal. My license has not been used in three years, but I have not been willing to surrender something that I worked so hard to get.

Apparently the board of Dentistry has been trying to contact me at my "old" address. There has been some kind of Feds poking around my business and because they couldn't get ahold of me, went to the board for suspension of my license.

Kick 'em when they are down.

Not that I intend that I will ever be able to work again, but just in case, I thought I would keep up the application and licensure. Just being hopeful.


Where is the mercy?

Cindi o'h

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Some silly pencil pusher who has to do things like this to justify his position probably never has an inkling the effect his knee-jerk behavior has on people's lives.

Send a nasty letter to someone and wake them up. It won't change anything, unfortunately, but maybe some idiot who actually deserves a few sleepless nights might have them!

I'm also hoping they'll straighten this out and renew your lisence. It's their error, not yours.

My Decadron says :twisted::twisted::twisted: !!!

My heart says ((((Cindi)))


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Cindi, Unbelievable! I hope you plan to give them the what's what, give them a letter from our resident Bunny (and man she's cheap!), hire or just hang out with Tony and Vinnie.........you get the drift. This really P's me Off.

Doesn't matter if you want to use the license right now, the point is that you earned it. Of course, only you can decide where you want to expend energy, so vent and write letters to us if that helps....

Big Mama Size Hug,


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This is NOT good. If you have the energy write the board. Tell them where to jump. It would make me very mad to have the same thing happen to me. You earned your license.

I would let Bunny write them as well. After all, how cheap can you get? :oops:

At least you would have the satisfaction of knowing that you told them how you feel.

Love and kisses my dear Cindi. You deserve far better than this. And besides, we NEED the bar to stay open. It is the holiday season after all.


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Those Basta*ds, who do they think they are. They couldn't get ahold of you so they suspened your license??? They have no idea who they are dealing with.

Is there anything that can be done?

Invite them to the bar, we'll take of em big time?

Got my brass kuckels on!! :twisted:

That sucks big time. Iam so sorry Cindi. :cry:


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My thoughts and prayers are with you. I was sorry to read your post this morning and sorry to know that you're being kicked when you're down.

I wish you the blessings of the season. Something good is bound to happen - I'll be praying hard for you.


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Hey Cindi,

I wish I lived closer as I would send my Hubby around; He always has a way that gets action :wink: Anyway you just tell them if they don't want lots of nasty emails from your friends at lcsc, they would do well to give you back your licence ASAP :twisted:

Take care and have a great chrissy


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as has been said this is totall BS. That just doesnt seem like reason to me, just cuz they did not have a current address on you, that gives them the right to snoop into your personal life? I am not expert in this area, but sure smells like a stinky fish to me.

BUT i guess this is proof that my memory is truly failingly me or maybe i just never knew what you did for a living. So you r are a dentist or hygenist? Either one I know I need to get into a dentist, and ill let you be my "mouth" person with or without a license!!! Don't these people realize you have real issues you deal with everyday and dont have time for this crap?

UGGGG...but Merry Christmas and know you are very much loved and cared about.



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