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No answer but . . . ANSWER IS OK


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Got a phone call 45 minutes ago to call the nurse. She said nothing else. No, "everything is fine", "it was a fractured rib".

Telling myself--if it was bad, the doctor would call.

I've got 18 kids here, and I'm stroking out! :shock:

Not really but, I will call at 2:00 when I am done for the day.

Said to myself, what do I do until then???

Tell my friends here!!!

Thanks guys--more later.


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18 kids....holy smokes!!!!

If that won't keep your mind occupied I'm not sure WHAT WILL!!! :D

On a more serious note, we all know how extremely hard it is to wait.

Just stay optimistic and we'll all cross our fingers and wait for the results from you. Prayers, prayers and more prayers coming your way.

Warm Hugs,


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Saying prayers and waiting to hear.

As for the 18 kids...better you than me!

There is definitely a reason that God allows women to have babies when they're young. Looking back, I have no idea how I handles having 3 little ones that were like stairsteps!!! You deserve a medal!

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The drama has ended.

Rib xray showed an old fracture.

Dr. wanted nurse to find out if I still had pain. Answer: NO

So probably did fracture rib during coughing fit.

Which means my multi-nodular goiter will probably be removed in the next 6 months since it restricts my windpipe when laying down (hence the coughing)

She reassured me that the rib xray would have picked up trouble if it was there.

:D You guys are the best. You were my lifeline through the hours.


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Sometimes even a rib fracture can feel like a good thing... I have a few myself.

So very happy that this is one thing that you can put to rest. Glad the pain is gone and your mind has been eased.

this place truely is a lifeline.


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