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My intro-my dad, thank you for your kind words

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I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank all of you who sent support when I joined this community 2 months ago. Sadly, my dad passed Friday 12/30/05 at home. My mom and I brought him home on Tuesday, 12/27 thru hospice and we slept along side him until early Friday morning, 12/30/05. He could no longer swallow and I gave him his last eyedropper of morphine just before midnight on Thurs. 12/29. He fought any meds from late Wednesday but he opened his mouth for me to give him what would help ease his dying pain. Maybe it wasn't for him but for me at that point, but I thank him for allowing me my final chance to try to ease his pain. I wouldn't trade any of moment of our last two weeks together, the hallucinations, my particiption in carrying out his needs in those hallucination's to reach his final reconcilations. I swept birds that he thought were flying out of his room, I "turned valves" that he thought might blow us all up, I searched over and over as instructed to make sure no one was hidden to kill him under, inside and around his hospital bed. I had to, I was Joe's daughter, and I remain feeling so privelged to have been involved so intimately with his death. I thank you all for your support and all of you will remain within my prayers

Carol Falco

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Dear Carol,

My sympathies to you're family on the loss of you're Dad.What a wonderful Daughter you are. I am sure he is very proud. I am happy that you were able to spend this time with you're Dad and help him with his transition to Heaven. My prayers are for you're family for comfort, strength and peace.

God Bless you all,


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I am going thru this right now with my mom she is getting weaker. I AM still hoping for miracle we all are I sure. You were so brave to be there with your dad I am so scare that I am just going to fall apart and not be able to be strong for her. I am so angry why can they find a cure for this horrible disease. My prayers are with you and your family. Keep strong I know it's not easy!

Big hug!


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