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My mom is gone


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She died Saturday morning with all of us with her. I was in bed next to her when she took her last breath. I am devaststed beyond words, but am thankful that her final passing was peaceful.

I do not know how I will find the strength to keep going....except that I know that God will carry me.

Thank you for all your love and support the last five months. I always thought we would be on the "good side " of the statistics, not on this "side." Yet, we were not so lucky. We all fought a very good and hard battle against this monster.

I will write more when I am able.


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I wish there was something...anything, that would ease your heartache. I do know that you all are blessed that she was surrounded by her family and the tremendous love you all felt for each other.

May God hold you close in this sad time, Holly.

Lighting a candle for comfort, dear friend.


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Oh Holly,

This is just so hard for me to believe. Your journey was so short - seems you didn't even get much of a chance to fight....and I am sorry.

I am just at a total loss for words here. I do want to convey my sympathy and hope that your memories and support of those who love and care about you will help you along the way.



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Like everyone else, I was saddened to read this. What a blessing that your mother was able to see your dear little one, if only for awhile. She now has her own personal angel in heaven to guide her.

You and your mom has such an obviously special relationship. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

:) Kelly

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I am so so sorry. Please know that God really will carry you. It is good that all of you were with her. She knew how much you all loved her.

This song "Carry You" by Amy Grant is so peaceful and soothing. I hope it helps you and your family

Lay down your burden

I will carry you

I will carry you my child, my child

Lay down your burden

I will carry you

I will carry you my child, my child

Cause I can walk on water

Calm a restless sea

I’ve done a thousand things you’ve never done

And I’m really watching

While you struggle on your own

Call my name, I’ll come


I give vision to the blind

I can raise the dead

I’ve seen the darker side of hell

And I’ve returned

I’ve seen those sleepless nights

And count every tear you cry

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