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1-20-06 CT PET Results

Fay A.

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Basically and as near as I can tell from the report there are two masses in the left Pleura, one is 1.5cm and the other is quite large, but the reader gave no measurement (The pics show the difference between a pingpong ball and a softball). But no others in any location. So, in my mind this is potentially very good news if I can talk some Doc into thinking like me. :wink: Got to find a way to debulk the big one, because it is pushing into my only lung and interfering with my ability to breathe, and it is pushing into my ribs, breaking them, which hurts....a lot. Which also interferes with my ability to breathe.

So that is it. Thank you for the prayers, and I humbly ask that you keep them coming.

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Prayers always going out to you. I just want all this nonsense to stop already. You need to feel good, something besides pain.

I pray they get that thing taken care of so you can breath :shock:

I really worry about you. I just can't see how you can cope with all of this. You are one strong cookie.

Mega prayers sent.


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