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Seems like I've been a member here forever and sometimes names like that really do bring you back. I guess it's good I've managed to stick around considering the alternative.

I have also been thinking of her quite a bit lately and miss her posts. Not sure why she kept popping into my head but perhaps now I know. I've wondered how she was doing not just with the lc but with her crazy job issues as well. I miss see her photo with her beloved horse.

I will pray for her too... Thanks for the updates Ginny and any please share with us any further news.


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I was about to ask the same question as Gail....

I am sorry to hear this about Cheryl... for some reason, I had thought she was diagnosed with brain mets way back when she was still on our board... Guess not... It is so hard to keep track sometimes. Thanks for the update Ginny... I will pray for her.

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I think it is the same person because in her profile or whatever it's called at the bottom of her message she mentions that she was on another message board. Said her husband had some issues with the couple that ran the board. He got kicked off and that meant that she couldn't access the board either. But she does mention brain mets. I'm not sure she said this was the first time. I too recall her having a setback before they "left" and I thought it was brain mets.

I was bored today, too. Had to go to that "other" board to check out the info.


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