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here are the February birthdays here at LCSC. happy birthday, you aquarians and pisceans!!

Feb. 1 ~ Jackie (J.C.) ~ ANY old kind of cake will do

Feb. 5 ~ husband of Vicky, Rod, (Vicky131) ~ chocolate cake

Feb. 7 ~ Kel (KelM) ~ hot milk cake with GOBS of chocolate icing

Feb. 7 ~ Kathy (Kaffie) ~ guess any cake will do....none specified

Feb. 8 ~ Nancy (nancyf267)

Feb. 10 ~ Lillian (lilyjohn) ~ homemade banana nut cake iced with bananas and whipped cream and sprinkles

Feb. 25 ~ Kim and Mike's(Bauner95) son, Bauner ~ Dairy Queen ice cream cake

happy birthday, you guys!!! enjoy, live it up and tell us all the gory details!! please let me know if I missed anyone, we can add you to the party.


bunny & Kasey

I want this to be a joyful birthday post. so on Feb. 21 let's all eat a piece of devil's food cake, open the nearest window and yell "woooo hoooo" in honor of Leslie, who would have celebrated her birthday on that date.

xo bun

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Thanks all of you. I am looking forward to this birthday sense I got my Social Security straghtened out.

Ry it is really easy to make that cake. You can use a scratch cake or a yellow cake mix. Just mash 2 bananas and add them to the batter and a few finly chopped walnuts. Once the cake is done cover it with sliced bananas and then whipped cream and sprinkle mor nuts on top. Then when you eat keep tellling yourself that calories are good for you :!:

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