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Guest Frantastic

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Guest Frantastic

...or as my father-in-law writes - Dotter.

My mom (76) was dxd August 2005 with non-small lung cancer and bone cancer was found with subsequent testing. We are still very much in a learning phase and have a lot of questions that haven't yet been asked, let alone answered! I'm hoping to find some answers here.

I don't know what "stage" she is in, but her GP told me that her chemo was to be "palliative".

I've been able so far to look after her at home with the help of twice daily visits of personal support workers. We are very unsure of what all our options are.

My first question: I see "NED" in some of your signatures. What does this stand for?

I'd be glad to hear from any "dotters", or people living near London, Ontario.

Thanks for listening!

Frantastic, Fran, or just plain 'ol F.

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Welcome, Fran. NED is "No evidence of disease". It is what we all strive for --some get there, some don't. I would guess the bone cancer is metastatic lung cancer, like my wife's, and, as such, your mom's stage would be IV. Take heart. My wife was given 9 months and she is now 3 years and 5 months from diagnosis. Glad you found us. Don

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Welcome: I guess you know who NED is now.

I think "palliative" teatment is a less aggressive form of teatment that is intended to lessen pain and symptoms of lung cancer. The survival rates can be good though. I hope you mom's cancer is knocked way back.

Don M

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Hi Fran!

Welcome! I am also a "dotter" and I am originally from Woodstock, Ont. (my parents live there). Right now I currently live in Kitchener. There are a lot of great people on this board who can answer any questions you may have.



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Hi Fran and welcome!! I'm sorry that you are having to go through this. I'm not to far from you...I live an hour north of Toronto. Where is your Mother having her treatments? Kingston? My Father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in December. Anytime the cancer has spread from the primary site it is staged at 4. I think the term *palliative* treatment is used, as it was with my Father, because *they* consider it not to be a *cure* for stage 4 and intended instead to prolong life (or relieve symptoms, as with radiation). As you will find from reading the profiles of many here with stage 4 lung cancer, it's working :lol: None of us know how long our time here on earth will be and neither can any Doctor predict how long our loved ones will live with this disease. Always look forward and keep hope close by.

Best thoughts, wishes and prayers,


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Hi - I too am a dotter. Unfortunately there are too many of us on this board...yet the sisterhood will give you tons of support! (As well, everyone else, too.) I guess your questions were answered...stage IV and pailliative means it is designed to lessen symptoms, not cure.

I am glad you found us...keep us posted as you go forward on this journey. Praying that your mom has many great days ahead!


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Thank you for the details about your mother,

I will keep her in my prayers.

I'm inviing you to an evening at the PUB,

where you will meet all the gang.

You have to tell what you want to drink

so I can order it from Cindi.

She is the owner of the Pub and those

parties are fun.

You will meet all the dotters during the evening.



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Hi F,

Welcome here. As you can see you certainly have received many responses already.

Please if you have any questions, ask away. We are very knowledgebale people here. There is always someone who can answer your questions.

Take care honey, and know we are here for you 24/7 you are never alone here.

Maryanne :wink:

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