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Why I Come To The Board


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To Me It’s All About The Members First And Foremost--That’s The Person With Lung Cancer, The Caregiver, Family Members, Friends And The Good Folks Who Run This Board. I Read Almost All Of The Posts But Do Not Always Respond, Does Not Mean I Do Not Care. Does Not Matter What Forum It Is In, What The Name Of The Forum Is. What Matters To Me Is The Member Posting It. I May Or May Not Always Agree With What Is Written And I’m Sure The Same Goes With What I Post, But I Do Try To Have Respect And Do Try Not To Post In A Way To Hurt Or Offend Anyone. This Board Gives Me A Place To Be Me, It’s Open 24x7, And All Are Welcome. To Make A Contribution In My Own Little Way, It’s A Second Home For Me. To Be With People Who Understand. In My World When It Comes Right Down To Lung Cancer Itself No One Really Gives A Rat’s *ss About It. Not One Single Person Since Day One Has Asked Me (They Will Help If I Ask Them) What Can I Do To Make A Differences With Lung Cancer, People Who Are Really Interested In Doing Something About Lung Cancer Come From This Board. Here One Can Try And Make A Differences In There Own Way If One So Desires. We Can Learn More Here Then Anywhere Else. Here It’s The Real Thing, The Real Deal--In Primetime, Live And In Living Color. Here Everyone Has Something To Offer, Something To Give. In Fairness To Katie, Rick And The Board Of Director’s They Are The Ones That Have To Make The Decisions On What They Think Is Best For The Board. They Are The Ones Paying The Freight With There Time Etc Running It. They’re Not Going To Please Everyone, All The Time. Also In Fairness To Them If A Member Decides To Leave That Is There Choice, There Decision For Whatever Reasons. They Are Forcing No One Off The Board. This Is The Best Message Board On The Internet Period. There Is A Place Here For The Patient, For The Caregiver--There Family Members/Friends, For People Who Grieve, A Place To Laugh, A Place To Cry, A Place To Be Happy. And What Makes This The Best Place On The Internet Is Each And Every One Of Us. I’ve Met Some Wonderful People Because For This Board I Would Not Have Otherwise And I’m Involved With Several Board Members For A Lung Cancer Walk/Run In November That Would Never Have Happened Because Of This Board. I Know I Would Not Be As Active With Lung Cancer If It Was Not For This Board. Also I Respect And Admire All The Members Who Are Battling This Disease, The Caregivers Who Help There Love Ones, The Ones Who Have Won There Battle And Those Who Have Lost Love Ones And Have Stayed On, That To Me Is True Grit.

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Nicely said Richard. It is all about the brotherhood we all share -- whether patient or caregiver we've all been hit with the lung cancer beer truck (like that Beck?). I come here because I care so much about everyone here and I hope I help at least a little bit.


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Thank you Rich, and thank you to all the members. I don't think I could have made it this long rationally without this group. When I think there's no hope, I read about those who have made it a year, 3 1/2 years, 8 years and more. When I have a question, I know where to go. When I need to be uplifted, I find someone with a funny story, or words of joy and celebration. When I feel like it's only me with these emotions, I can read about those with the same emotions. My faith has gotten stronger because of this group, and I know no matter what happens in the future, we all have an incredible support system that will always be there.

God bless you all


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Beautifully said Rich!

I too come here and I pretty much read every post even though I don't respond to them all. I just either don't have the time, or the right words to say (especially lately I've been sort of at a loss for words). But from this site I get so much hope, support and love. I get the chance to hopefully help someone else as so many people have helped me. This disease makes me feel so powerless and helpless. This is the one thing I can do to help and my chance to give back for all that I've received here.

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